Wedding Wednesday - Bunting ♥

I love the village fete 'theme'/style for weddings and bunting is a great way to achieve this look. Bunting has become quite popular recently for decorations at weddings, birthday parties, street parties, or even just home decoration for the bedroom or living room!

Paper Themes kindly offered some bunting for me to try for size, and I picked 3 different designs from their website. I had my wedding in mind when picking them so I went for pale pinks, pastel and floral patterned bunting. Paper Themes have a lot of matching stationery so if you chose a particular theme/pattern bunting for your wedding, you can match the place cards, table numbers, invites, menus etc!

I only assembled part of the pink bunting I received as it was a bit fiddly and time consuming, and I also didn't want to have 4 metres of bunting assembled with no place to go until next May! I decided to hang the bunting above my bed, and I think it looks really cute. I'm tempted to keep this up as it's such a nice feature in the room

This bunting was the Patchwork Pink Bunting and comes with 18 pennants (the little triangles!) and 4m of ribbon. The bunting triangles are made from a thick good quality card and have 6 different patterns/colours. I was a little dubious about card bunting as I do like the homemade look of fabric bunting which is more authentic; but the pennants are made really well and they hang perfectly. I really like the look of this bunting and the scalloped edges are a nice touch and make them look more fabric like. My only grumble is that the pennants are not printed on both sides (so the back is plain white). It would be nice to have colour/pattern on both sides so you could hang it anywhere and not necessarily against a wall.

I also got the Patchwork Green Bunting and the Bronte Bunting. The green bunting is similar to the pink bunting with alternating block colours, stripes, polka dots and floral patterned pennants. The Bronte bunting is a mix of floral, pink and striped pennants for a country garden feel.

I really like the bunting packs I selected and I think I will be using one of them at my wedding next year, probably the Bronte one as I love the floral print. I would definitely recommend the bunting from Paper Themes if you're looking for inexpensive (£6.99 for 4m), cheerful decorations for the home or for a party!

Which bunting is your favourite?


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  1. This is lovely and looks so pretty above your bed. I'm tempted to copy!
    I love bunting at Weddings. x

    1. Thanks Leanne! Let me know if you give it a whirl! X

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out my post for all the details and your questions :)
    Poppy x

  3. I'd love the pink for Siennas bedroom! Oosh! X

    1. Is that your daughter? I love bunting in kids rooms, it's so cute! X

  4. I love those, I think the pink looks amazing!
    Nature With Nurture


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