Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Nails ♥

After finding the gorgeous blue manicure on my 'something blue' post, I got excited about bridal nails and started scouring Pinterest like a mad woman getting lots of lovely ideas. There are just so many possibilities. I think nails are very important on your big day as everyone is going to want to see your brand spanking new ring, and of course the love of your life will be staring very intently at them during the ceremony! Here are some of my favourites from Pinterest. There's a wide variety of styles but mostly they are very glittery and girly.

Beautiful pale pink nails with glittering gold half moons

Bubblegum pink, simple but cute!

Unusual lilac and silver geometric nails - would look great with a modern white shift dress with silver sky high shoes!

I love the nude colour on these nails. I can't work out how they've decorated the ring finger, it looks like metal! I do like having an accent finger, although I'd probably prefer glitter over metallic.

Pretty and magical iridescent sparkly nude nails

For the vintage hollywood bride - gold nails with black tips for extra va va voom! Looks fab with bright red lipstick.

Fun and fresh multi nails - lovely paired with a pastel colour scheme.

Ombre lilac purple nails. Great for a boho beach type wedding!

Simple plain white manicure - classic and lovely.

My favourite - nude/pale pink nails with graduated gold glitter - so beautiful! <3

Which ones are your favourite?


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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Balance Me Daily Essentials, Pure Skin Face Wash ♥

I have been travelling abroard for work recently and at the airport I spotted that Glamour magazine were giving away free Balance Me products with each copy. The magazines had one of 4 Balance Me products - Sheer Raspberry Tinted Lip Salve, Pure Skin Face Wash, Moisture Rich Face Cream and Super Toning Body Wash.

I opted for the Face Wash as I had actually forgotten to pack any, and I was also in need of a good read for the plane, so it was a perfect combo! The magazine only costs £2 and the Face Wash retails for £11.00 in the 50ml size, so it's a real bargain.

I have wanted to try Balance Me natural, aromatherapy products for a while as I have quite bad skin so I was really excited to use this face wash. The sulphate and petroleum free face wash promises to 'cleanse your face of make-up and daily grime to achieve a balanced clean complexion'. It includes grapefruit, petitgrain and frankincense essential oils, and spruce knot extract which helps smooth and improve congested/problem complexions. It also contains anti-oxidants to smooth and polish the skin.

I found this face wash really nice on my skin and it lathers up nicely. After a long journey travelling on the tube, train and airplane, I really did need to get rid of grime on my face and the face wash helped my skin feel squeaky clean. It also removed all traces of makeup easily and left my skin feeling smooth and fresh. 

My only grumble was that the scent is rather odd. It's not horrible but it's quite a strong smell and not sweet or the usual 'fresh' smell of face washes. I think this is due to the essential oils in the product which give it a sharp smell. Also the fact Balance Me use nearly 100% natural ingredients means they don't have any nasty perfumes or chemicals added that aren't good for your skin.

Overall though I am very happy and would definitely try Balance Me again! I am tempted to go and buy the other 3 products with the magazine as they are so much cheaper to buy this way (RRP prices below). But then I'd end up with 3 more copies of the magazine I've already read! I'd definitely recommend buying the mag if you want to try any of these products as the saving in price is so good!

 Pure Skin Face Wash RRP £11.00
 Moisture Rich Face Cream RRP £13.00
 Super Toning Body Wash RRP £9.00

Have you ever tried Balance Me and do you like their products?


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Monday, 29 July 2013

Royal Memorabilia on Etsy ♥

In the UK we have recently welcomed a new baby prince into the world - Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. In celebration of this and all things royal I have collated some of my favourite Royal Memorabilia from Etsy. I love some of the vintage royal finds and also the very cheesy 1980s royal trinkets too!

I particularly love the 1977 vintage max factor make up compact in tribute to the silver jubilee! The vintage coronation tin is also gorgeous and would be perfect for storing my English Breakfast tea!

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Vintage Inspired Cosmetics ♥

I love buying make up at the best of times and it doesn't take much to influence me to spend a few quid at Boots, but when you see make up in truly pretty, covetable packaging, it makes that decision to buy so much easier! I have found the below make up finds that seem to be inspired by a vintage era, and they look so lovely, they're too nice to lock away in a cosmetics bag!

I love this 'Brightening Violet Powder' from Besame Cosmetics. Besame specialise in vintage inspired products as well as packaging and this powder is meant to 'add a hint of brightness and instant lift' and also is scented, presumably with violets! This is perfect for powdering your nose!

I love the sleek and simple gold fluted packaging of this Estee Lauder Hydra Lustre Lipstick. It's very art deco and is a beautiful addition to any handbag. I love this smokey pink shade too. 

Not necessarily vintage inspired, but this reminds of me of a vintage pocket watch! This 'One Hot Minute' face powder comes in a lovely rose gold tin with clock face detail. 

No vintage look is complete without flirty feline lashes! These 'Kitty' re-usable lashes are only £6 from The Vintage Cosmetic Company, and come in very cute vintage floral packaging!

And last but not least, another Besame product - a pot of rouge. Oh so vintage! I love this and I think the little gold and red tin is perfect. Unfortunately my cheeks are rosy enough at the best of time without the need for more redness, but if you want to rouge it up like the good old days then you have to do it in style! It's a cream rouge so much easier to apply for us 21st century-goers. This can also be applied to both cheeks and lips.

Do you have a favourite 'vintage' branded cosmetic?


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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Free £20 voucher at Paper Themes ♥

Paper Themes, the bespoke wedding stationery company, are currently offering a free £20 voucher in return for completing a 5 min survey on all things wedding! This is fab offer and is only available for a couple of days, so if you fancy some free money then act quick!

Paper Themes have some gorgeous wedding stationery from 'Save the Date' cards, wedding invites, place cards, favour boxes, personalised table plans, bunting and more! There is something for everyone on this website, and below are a few things you could buy with your free £20!

This gorgeous 3.5m length of baby blue and pink bunting is only £8.49, so you could get 2 lots with your voucher!

Cute candy striped personalised stickers - great for adding to favours, 30 for £13.50

No wedding is complete without confetti! At 99p a box you could grab 20 for your loved ones to throw merrily in the air :-)

A pink and silver guestbook, only £9.49 to hold all your best wishes

Lovely floral table number cards, pack of 10 for £5.99!

Happy shopping! If you buy something let me know, I'd love to see your purchases!


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Monday, 22 July 2013

Lunch at Union Jacks ♥

Last week I went for a work lunch at Union Jacks in Holborn. It was a really hot, sunny day and we all sat under a parasol outside. I've never been to Union Jacks before and I really enjoyed my visit! The decor for one is amazing - think old school diner meets grungy canteen, with a bit of graffiti chic thrown in!

I had a huge plate of fish and chips, which was delicious and a side of yummy creamed spinach. The pudding was amazing - snickers ice cream!! It is probably my fave ice cream to date - vanilla with melted snickers swirled through it so you get bits of sweet caramel and salty peanuts as you chomp through it! Yum. I didn't take any photos of the food unfortunately as I wolfed it down, but I did manage to get a pic of the pretty Damson Gin Fizz cocktail I washed my lunch down with! Complete with fun straw :-)

I'd definitely recommend Union Jacks for food if you ever come across one. It's really good value, the atmosphere is fun and relaxed and the decor is old school cool!

Where's your favourite place to eat?


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Friday, 19 July 2013

Garden envy ♥

I went home to visit my parents recently and the weather was so nice I spent a lot of time in their garden. They have a gorgeous garden and my Mum takes great pride in it. It's medium sized and they've completely changed how it used to look from when they bought the house.

My Mum has created a large vegetable patch and grows carrots, runner beans, courgettes, pumpkins, and all manner of other yummy veg! She also grows strawberries which are delicious. They have 2 sheds in the garden, one is full of bikes and boxes of old stuff and the other is my Mum's potting shed in which she keeps all her tools and plant pots and gardening gloves! Both sheds have been painted a gorgeous pale green-blue turquoise colour and have been decorated with hanging baskets and shabby chic wicker hearts. The potting shed can often be found adorned in bunting, which looks so cute.

There is also an area of lawn which is framed by a border of colourful flowers, and the hedges behind the big tree in the corner has little fairy and owl statues peeking out! It's such a lovely place to spend time in and I can't wait until I have one of my own, despite my inability to look after house plants!!

Do you have a garden/like gardening?


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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Balloons ♥

I've always hated balloons at a wedding, as they can look quite tacky and 'kid's party'-like. I particularly dislike the balloon 'arches' that go over the top table, like this one here. However I've noticed more and more weddings using balloons as a main theme, and I have to say it can look amazing if done right! As well as decorating the venue they can make great photo props for bride and groom, and guests. I also like the idea of a photo of everyone in the wedding party releasing helium filled colourful balloons into the air!

Here are some balloon ideas I really love, from pinterest. They make me think of the Disney film 'Up' and the romantic and poignant story of the old man and his wife. They're also colourful and bold and really add a lot to the space. Also, any child guests at the wedding would love it - all kids adore balloons! Most of these balloon ideas use the very large round balloons instead of your standard supermarket balloon, and I think this really makes a difference as they just look more appealing and less kids party-like.

Gorgeous bride and bridesmaid shot with giant round peach balloons.

Plain white balloon backdrop for the cake table. These are your standard balloons instead of round and I still think it's really effective!

This is amazing! Just a simple standard balloon filled with helium and then secured to a plant pot with netting to recreate mini hot air balloon table centrepieces. Genius!

Big lemon and white balloons on streamers to decorate the tables. I don't know if the streamers might get a bit annoying! Looks really pretty though!

Pearlescent standard balloons affixed to the wall behind the drinks table. This looks really nice although I don't know how long it would last with all the little guests plucking them off the wall! :-)

Balloon wedding portrait - really romantic and adds a nice pop of colour!

I've been looking into where to get these big round balloons and it seems as though Bon Bon Balloons is the place to go in the UK. They are slightly pricey at £25 each (!), but if you're only after a couple for your bride and groom shots then this is not too bad I suppose! There are some nice ideas above for using standard balloons above which would be much cheaper. I think the trick with normal balloons is to get creative with how you use them and avoid the usual arch, pillar, bunch formations and to keep the colours quite soft and muted.

Here is a Bon Bon Balloon that I really love - transparent and filled with confetti on colourful streamers - so pretty!

Do you like the balloon look for weddings?


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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Clogs and Sandals ♥

I absolutely love Swedish Hasbeen shoes. They are so cute and stylish and come in so many gorgeous colours and styles. I really love the Swedish 'clog' look as well, but unfortunately Swedish Hasbeens are a bit too pricey for my poor purse. They are generally about £100 + and whilst I'd love to own a pair, 100 quid is quite a lot for sandals. My spending in that range for shoes usually goes on boots that will last an age and will keep my feet protected from the elements and are good quality materials etc. For sandals my main requirements are that they look pretty and comfort.

I was very excited and pleased to stumble across a website that is selling the most amazing clogs and sandals, that look just like Swedish Hasbeens, but at a fraction of the cost! The site is called Lotta from Stockholm and if you like this style of shoe I urge you to check it out! I am going to treat myself to a pair when I get paid next week as Lotta's shoes are around the £50 mark. Still more than average but way cheaper than the branded Hasbeens.

Here are some of my favourites I've been eyeing up. I want them all!

These are such a pretty pale blue denim colour and would go with so many outfits!

These remind me of the clogs I used to wear as a kid! I love the floral pattern, and if I had a garden these would definitely be my 'pottering around the garden' shoes.

These are so amazing! I love the metallic leather against the wooden heel. These would be great for holidays. I also like how you could wear both gold or silver accessories with them!

The gorgeous brown colour and Nubuck makes these clogs look a lot more expensive than they are. I'm also liking the closed toe.

These cute polka dot sandals remind me of Minnie Mouse! You can also get them in bright red for extra Minnie Mouse factor!

Which pair do you think I should get?


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Friday, 12 July 2013

Giant Retro Biscuit Cakes ♥

When it comes to treats, I love all the old school classics like Bourbon Biscuits, Custard Creams, Jammie Dodgers, marshmallow teacakes and even those old Caramel Wafer bars with the red and gold striped packaging - anyone else remember those?! These sweet treats conjure up all sorts of fond memories from childhood and being all cosy watching TV and dunking away in a cup of milky tea!

I was amazed to discover some nifty baking tools that enable you to make giant size replicas of these fave treats - but in cake form! Take this giant Bourbon Biscuit mould on Notonthehighstreet. I know what birthday cake I want next year! This would be so yummy made with a rich chocolate sponge and maybe with some chocolate ganache in the middle!

The mould is made by the Iconic Cake company and they also do a giant Custard Cream mould too! This would be yummy with a vanilla sponge and buttercream filling.

The Iconic Cake Company also have 2 new moulds in the pipeline for a Jammie Dodger cake and a Party Ring cake! I love all of these moulds as the final result looks so much like the actual biscuit, just in giant size! I'd love to have one of each at a party, or even at a wedding it could be a fun look!

What retro treat would you like to see recreated in cake form?


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