EcoTools Bamboo Brush Set Review ♥

I needed some make up brushes and saw a review on another blog for EcoTools Bamboo brushes. I've seen these in Boots and they cost about £20 for a 4 piece brush set. I saw a review of a set being sold on ebay and thought I'd buy seeing as it was only £4! You get 4 bamboo handled brushes and a canvas pouch which is packaged in a transparent plastic pouch.  There is a mini Kabuki brush, a concealer brush, an eyeshadow brush and a mineral foundation brush.

The brushes are really soft and blend really well. The mini Kabuki brush is my favourite, and I've been using it to buff on my new face powder. The concealer brush is also great for blending in highlighter as well as concealer. The mineral powder/foundation brush is the biggest one, and I've used liquid foundation with this and it works really well. I am actually planning on buying some BareMinerals foundation mineral powder when my liquid one runs out so these brushes will come in handy!

I've definitely noticed a difference when using brushes to apply make up. For ages I just used to use my fingertips and whilst this is fine, using good brushes results in a much more professional, subtle look as everything is blended in perfectly.

Do you use make up brushes? Which brand is your favourite?


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