Friday, 30 August 2013

L'Oréal Paris 'The Minerals' True Match Foundation Powder Review ♥

I had planned to buy some BareMinerals foundation powder when I got paid recently and I had a look around near my work for BareMinerals products but to no avail. I got impatient and instead of waiting to go to a big department store, I ended up buying some mineral foundation by L'Oréal Paris instead.

I was excited to use this as I've never tried a 'mineral powder foundation' before, and I've heard all sorts of good things about mineral make up. I got this in 'Golden Ivory' (which I think is the palest shade). The powder promises to be 95% minerals, with no perfume or preservatives,  and will reduce imperfections for flawless coverage. It also promises to protect your skin whilst letting it breathe (as it has an SPF 15).

I've used this a few times since I've bought it and I am still deciding whether I like it or not. For their claim of 'flawless coverage' I have to disagree - I'd say it is light-medium coverage depending on the state of your skin. My skin is quite uneven and this foundation does not cover all blemishes. It is really to blend however and does have a nice texture to it and makes your skin quite smooth looking.

The colour is good and the product does claim to 'match your skin colour/texture' although I can't say I've been able to tell if its changed after I've applied. I really like how light this is on the skin instead of using thick, gloopy liquid foundations that clog up your pores. This powder is oil free too which is great for my skin, and so it gives a nice matt effect.

I think the thing that is making me undecided is the packaging and the brush it comes with - I know that's a stupid thing to make you judge a make up product, but I find it irritating/difficult to use and so it puts me off using it! The brush is really scratchy and unpleasant on the skin, and the brush is also the screw top lip, so when you unscrew it, the powder is below, and gets all underneath the brush/lid so you get powder everywhere. I think I'm going to try this with one of my own softer brushes and see how it goes!

Apart from the brush/lid problems, I do think this is a good product to use when you're just looking for a quick cover up/make up look, or if you are on holiday and don't want to put on liquid foundation that will melt off your face in the heat! This cost me £14.99 which isn't too bad, but if you buy this - make sure you have an alternative brush handy!

Have you ever used mineral powder foundation?


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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Bridal Hair Pieces ♥

I've been looking for hair pieces to wear on my wedding day, and I've been spoilt for choice! Etsy has been a goldmine for gorgeous and unusual hair combs, headbands, tiaras, floral crowns etc! I haven't decided what kind of look I want to go for yet and it's so hard to know without trying on with your dress! Here are a few bridal hair pieces I've found on pinterest that I thought were really pretty or unusual. If you're also planning your bridal hair do accessories, I hope these images are inspiring!

Gorgeous lace, crochet and embroidered flower hair comb in ivory.

Peachy floral flower crown! I think these look really cute but I don't think I'm brave enough to wear one!

Beautiful bow with netting detail - very chic and Carrie Bradshaw!

Flapper style bridal headband with feathers for extra glam factor!

Cute vintage pastel coloured hair clip - great for spring weddings with a pretty pastel theme!

Big blush rose headband - very romantic!

This crystal headband is beautiful and really frames the face! Looks great with the red lip too.

This delicate lace and flower headband is so cute, and looks great worn with a big messy bun. Perfect for rustic country themed weddings.

Simple crystal and rhinestone silver hair comb. Looks stunning against dark hair.

This 3 tier band headband is really unusual and I like the combo of silver and gold!

Which is your favourite?


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Monday, 26 August 2013

Recent Bargain Fashion Buys ♥

I thought I'd share 3 pieces of clothing I've recently bought for bargain prices. Weirdly they are all patterned numbers - I must have been in a particularly patterned frame of mind! I've been looking for clothing recently to take on holiday as I am going away in October for a beach holiday (can't wait!). Unfortunately as I'm holidaying so late in the year, the shops are full of autumn stuff already. It does mean there are a lot of summery sale items, but it does sometime seem like only the dregs are left now!

First up is this cute floaty navy blue skirt with daisy print. I got this from a local charity shop for £3.99 and I love it! It will look really nice with a simple tee and sandals on holiday. The fabric is cotton, so really light and good for hot weather. It's originally from Florence & Fred.

I got this gorgeous wildflower print sleeveless shirt from the Zara sale for £12.99 reduced from £30. It's really delicate and pretty and has lovely shell buttons and crochet detail. I'll prob wear this with shorts or tucked into a maxi skirt.

This is a black and beige patterned collarless shirt from H&M. It's from their autumn range and I've already worn this to work. I think I may wear this as part of my 'going to/from airport' outfit! This is only £9.99 (full price) which I think is such a bargain as it looks a lot more expensive. This also comes in a cream with dark red pattern too.

Those are my 3 recent bargain purchases! What have you been buying at the shops recently?


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Sunday, 25 August 2013

First ever FOTD! ♥

I've never done one of these before. so here goes! I thought I'd share with you my 'face of the day', ie what make up I wore today. As I've reviewed a few products recently I thought I should do a FOTD featuring some of them, and also using some of my favourite, everyday products.

This is a pretty standard make up look for me - lots of eye make up and a wash of colour on the lips, and foundation etc. I wear this more or less every day and especially for work.

I wore my new Look Beauty Flawless Fix BB cream/foundation & Mattify Me Powder (reviewed here), Collection 2000 Iluminating Touch Highlighter (not yet reviewed!), Fat Lips Snog lip crayon, Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Sable Brown, Benefit They're Real Mascara and Maybelline Great Lash Mascara ( yep, I use two!).

Do you use any of these products? Would you like to see more FOTD's?


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Friday, 23 August 2013

Blogger Identity Crisis ♥

In October my little blog will be one year old! It has flown by. When I created this blog, I got off to a good start and was blogging regularly for a while and then suddenly stopped for quite a few months as I was scared, unconfident and thought I'd run out of things to say! I returned earlier this year as I really missed blogging and realised how much fun it was!

I've now been regularly blogging, and it's nothing like last time - I don't feel the pressue to blog, I just blog when I feel like it and about what I like! I feel like my blog has come into its own more now and has more direction than it used to (when I first started I mostly blogged about my creations for my etsy shop). I'm so happy to have gained some lovely followers and it's such a nice feeling to know that people want to read my posts on a regular basis! 

One thing I've been thinking about a lot however, is my blog name. I chose Hips Like Cinderella, as it is a lyric from a song by one of my fave bands - the pixies. As time has gone on I've been thinking that this blog name is rather obscure, confusing and hard to remember. I really like the 'Cinderella' aspect of it, but I think the lyric doesn't make sense (unless you know the song!). Also my URL is hipslikecinders - so even more confusing!

I'm contemplating changing my blog name to something more pretty sounding and memorable, but I just don't know what to pick, and also I don't want to stray too far from my current name as I feel I should retain some aspect of what my blog is called now.

I'd really appreciate your thoughts and any advice/tips/suggestions on names - is my current blog name confusing/strange? Do you think the name should change? 


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EcoTools Bamboo Brush Set Review ♥

I needed some make up brushes and saw a review on another blog for EcoTools Bamboo brushes. I've seen these in Boots and they cost about £20 for a 4 piece brush set. I saw a review of a set being sold on ebay and thought I'd buy seeing as it was only £4! You get 4 bamboo handled brushes and a canvas pouch which is packaged in a transparent plastic pouch.  There is a mini Kabuki brush, a concealer brush, an eyeshadow brush and a mineral foundation brush.

The brushes are really soft and blend really well. The mini Kabuki brush is my favourite, and I've been using it to buff on my new face powder. The concealer brush is also great for blending in highlighter as well as concealer. The mineral powder/foundation brush is the biggest one, and I've used liquid foundation with this and it works really well. I am actually planning on buying some BareMinerals foundation mineral powder when my liquid one runs out so these brushes will come in handy!

I've definitely noticed a difference when using brushes to apply make up. For ages I just used to use my fingertips and whilst this is fine, using good brushes results in a much more professional, subtle look as everything is blended in perfectly.

Do you use make up brushes? Which brand is your favourite?


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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Wedding Favours ♥

I thought I'd share with you some amazing wedding favour ideas I've found on pinterest. I think it's a really nice touch to have a favours at weddings, but you don't want to spend too much money and at the same time you don't want to have a cheap/tacky favour that will get left on the table! I love all of the below ideas and a lot seem to be things you can DIY to keep the costs down.

Little pots of personalised honey! This would be really easy and cheap to DIY if you collected lots of mini jars and printed the labels off yourself!

Mini succulent plants - this is a lovely favour that your guests can take home and care for and have as a reminder for a long time of your special day. 

Remember making these as a kid? So much fun! Paper fortune tellers would be super cheap to make. You could create a few versions, print off and employ your bridesmaids to get folding!

I love this idea - seeds in a personalised pouch. I love the little quote on this one. Other quotes I've seen are 'Let love grow' and 'Let love bloom'. So sweet!

Mini bottles of olive oil decorated with rosemary. Great favour if you're a foodie couple!

Give a handkerchief for 'happy tears' :-)

Make your own Limoncello and decant into rustic bottles with personalised tags for colourful and much appreciated boozy favours!

 I hope you enjoyed looking at these favour ideas. I'm always on the hunt for new and interesting ideas so if you know of any cool favour ideas, let me know!


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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Summer Dress Styling Competition - M&S ♥

I really love M&S clothing and especially their shoes. I have recently took advantage of their 20% off vouchers and also stocked up on lots of underwear - M&S undies are the best! I was really excited to be invited to take part in their Summer Dress Styling Competition to win a £200 voucher - think of all the clothes, shoes and pants I could buy with that!

The competition is to share how you would style your favourite summer dress for your dream holiday destination, and then to select a dress from the M&S range which you'd like to take on your summer holiday and why! For holidays, I am all about the maxi dress. Yes, this seems like an obvious/common choice, but that's simply because they're so versatile on holidays and on beach breaks in particular. They're effortlessly elegant and glamorous.

 Last year I went to a gorgeous villa in Portugal near the sea, with backed on to beautiful vineyard. Here are a couple of holiday snaps and in the pics I'm wearing one of my faithful maxi dresses. This 'Baywatch' red (!) number is a simple, sleeveless jersey maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins. It's 100% cotton, light and cool, and I wore this slung over my bikini in the day with flip flops, and at night it was worn with a string of aztec style beads on a gold chain and some wedges for restaurant-ready chic!

I have a couple of maxi dresses like this in other colours that are plain jersey and a blank canvas for day or night looks! I also have some more fancy ones that are definitely 'out on the town' maxi's! 

I'm going to Turkey in October on a relaxing beach break at a swish hotel, so I'll be needing a sophisticated daytime dress for beach and pool lounging, that can be transformed into a glam evening outfit for drinks at the bar! My choice of dress from the M&S range is this gorgeous khaki maxi dress with sequin and bead embellished bust and neckline. The dress can be cinched at the waist with a tie and the beautiful embellishments mean you can forgo a necklace. This is a perfect holiday dress! It can be worn in the day over a bikini with tousled beach hair, simple flip flops and oversized sunnies for laid back yet glamorous chic, and at night with sky-high gladiator platforms, big bouffed hair, smokey eyes and gold geometric chandelier earrings for glittering, vampy chic!

What's your favourite go-to holiday dress? If you'd like to buy a pretty M&S dress their whole range can be found here! Happy shopping.


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Embellished Dress Wishlist ♥

I really love embellished items of clothings - whether it be dresses, shirts, jumpers or coat collars! I think embellishments are really pretty and often mean you don't have to worry about jewellery and accessories as the embellished piece of clothing does all the talking!

Here are four of my favourite embellished dresses that I've found. They're all gorgeous and they'd be great for summer wedding outfits, or any kind of summer party!

The dresses on the far left and far right are the same dress but in two different colours. I think they're so pretty, and they'd be great as bridesmaid dresses too! The detail on the bust and neckline is stunning.

The black dress is really striking and would look great with a tan and some sky high platforms! I love the turquoise sequins and bead detail. This is definitely a summer LBD!

The pink and gold shouldered dress is a lovely wedding outfit, and would look great teamed with gold glitter shoes or clutch bag!

Which is your favourite dress?


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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Brown Rose Quartz Nails ♥

The other day I painted my nails for a party with Rimmel Pro Lycra Professional Finish in 'Beige Babe' - a chocolate brown colour. They looked really nice and elegant but I thought they weren't 'special' enough so I applied some Barry M Rose Quartz glitter polish to my ring finger as an accent nail.

I was really pleased with the result and thought I'd share some pics with you! I also used a Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle Pen to prepare and moisturise my cuticles. I really liked using this as it comes in a pen form with a little brush applicator which is far less messy than some of the other cuticle oils I've used before.

I love using block colours with glitter varnish. Do you have a favourite nail polish combination? 


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Friday, 16 August 2013

Look Beauty Cosmetics ♥

I recently purchased quite a few Look Beauty products after seeing they had a 50% off sale on a post on Victoria's Vintage. I'd not used any Look Beauty products before so I wasn't sure what to expect, but the 50% off prices were very tempting. Plus if you spent over £20 you got 3 free lip stains - so I decided to give it a whirl.

I got so much for just over £20, when it arrived it felt like Christmas! I looked at blog reviews for each product before I picked them and I steered clear of the mascaras as I had seen quite a few unfavourable reviews of those!

I thought I'd give you my 10/10 scoring for each product now I've managed to try them all out for a week or so. Hopefully it will be useful for you if you decide to buy any of them - the 50% sale is still on!

This is a beauty balm / light foundation and comes in a nice glass bottle, so feels much more expensive than a fiver! I picked the 'Light' shade and the colour was a brilliant match to my skin. The coverage of this is really good, and looked even better when I used a brush to apply instead of my fingers. Only negative is that it does require a lot of blending in, but once blended it looks amazing.

Rating - 8/10

Mattify Me is a translucent powder and it's really good at removing any shiny patches on your skin. I use this over my foundation to set it in place! I saw that some people complained of this being quite chalky, but I found it to be fine and quite subtle. I guess because my skin is so fair I didn't notice the chalkiness as much as others. It would be good if this came with a little powder puff!

Rating - 8/10

This liquid eyeliner is really pigmented and only needs one stroke to get a nice rich black line. I found it quite tacky in texture and it didn't glide onto my eye lids very well. It also became a bit dry after I applied it and a bit flaky. I like the brush which is really stiff so it's easy to apply a feline flick. I would have preferred this in dark brown.

Rating - 6/10

This is such a bargain for £3! It comes with 8 eyeshadows to suit brown eyes - khaki and green shades, 1 blush and 4 lip colours. There are also green and blue eye palettes. I've not tried the blush as my cheeks are naturally rosy, but the lip colours are sheer and add a nice shine. The eyeshadows are really nice colours but could do with being more pigmented as a lot of layers are required. The palette is quite small and great for taking in your handbag and on holiday. It would be good if brushes/applicators were included though.

Rating - 7/10

This was my least favourite purchase. It claims to be a lip scrub but there are hardly any 'scrub' grains/particles (?!) in it and it's mostly a strange gloopy gloss. The scrub is a minty flavour and your lips do feel quite zingy and plumped up afterwards but I definitely think it shouldn't be called a scrub because it didn't get rid of any dry/dead skin for me. I won't be buying this one again!

Rating - 2/10

This is my absolute favourite buy! I've pretty much worn this every day since I got it, and I'm definitely going to be buying more in other shades. I got the colour 'Snog' which is pinky red. The colour is really pigmented and when applied has a nice sheen/gloss. When this wears off the colour remains on your lips and still looks moisturised and not dry. After applying this in the morning, my lips still have colour at lunchtime after lots of cups of tea! I really love this product and £3 is just amazing value. I think I even prefer this to my pricey Clinique lip crayon!

Rating - 10/10!

I got 3 of these Pout Stains for free after spending £20. I received one of each colour available - Scarlet, Peach and Rose Smacker. I've only tried one of these so far - Rose Smacker. They are like felt tip pens and apply a very bright wash of colour to the lips. I think when your lips are in tip top condition these would be really good, but unfortunately I applied it when my lips were a bit dry and so it went on rather unevenly. It did stay on for hours and hours though! I think this would benefit from having a lip balm at the other end to add a bit of moisture to the lips as stains can be quite drying. Overall though - a freebie not to be grumbled at!

Rating - 5/10

I hope you found my opinions and ratings useful. Have you ever used Look Beauty products? I'd love to know what you think/recommend. If you buy anything as a result of this post, do let me know, I'd love to hear about what you bought!


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