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Charnos Footsies Review ♥

Charnos kindly offered me some of their 'Footsies' products to try out. I was very interested as someone who walks a lot, these are a god send in preventing smelly feet and keeping you comfortable! For anyone who is wondering what a 'footsie' is, it's a little sock liner that you wear with flats/ballerina pumps, and they're meant to be 'invisible' so it looks like you are not actually wearing any type of sock!

I've bought many brands of footsie socks over the years and I always found it annoying that they weren't actually invisible when my shoes were on. You'd get a huge band of flesh coloured fabric showing which kind of defeated the purpose of a footsie sock! Another bug bear was that they would ping off your heels when walking about and becoming a scrunched up ball at the end of your shoe!

Charnos footsies are probably the most secure, discreet and 'nearly invisble' socks I have tried! I received 5 different footsies from Charnos …

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