Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Cute Christmas Present Idea!

One of my friends recently told me about a gift they bought their Mum for their birthday, and I thought it was so nifty I'd share it here! If I hadn't bought all my xmas gifts already (yes I know, super scary organised...) I would definitely be getting my mum and sis one of these!

It's called 'Couture' for Nails Inc. You basically 'create' your very own nail polish, and you get to choose all the details and components that make up the product, right down to the cap, label and box! It's such a cool idea, and my favourite part of it is that you get to name the nail polish whatever you like, which makes it a lovely personalised gift.

Here's one I made, called Hips Like Cinderella (naturally!)

I chose the champagne gold gem lid as I thought it complimented my Jermyn Street nail polish colour, which is a lovely taupe shade. I chose to label the box with grey hearts (the other options say things like 'Happy Birthday', 'BFF', 'With Love' etc

I think this makes a great gift, not just for xmas and birthdays but for bridesmaid gifts (or hen gifts), mother's day gift, get well soon gift etc! It costs £20 so it's a little bit more than a standard Nails Inc polish, but I think it's worth it as you can personalise it and you get a snazzy crystal cap and a cute gift box.

What 'couture' nail polish would you create?


Monday, 29 October 2012


I've recently listed a very cute vintage brooch on my etsy store, it is a brooch made from mini wooden pencils! They are rainbow colours and the brooch looks great pinned to a jacket lapel, or even a sweater. It is a great gift for people who love art and drawing!

Whilst we're on the subject of illustration and art, here are a few pics from my favourite painter/illustrator, Gil Elvgren. He was a famous pin-up artist, and a very talented illustrator.  All the girls look so glam and have the best clothes and hair! Below are some of my favourite artworks.

 Fierce pin-up lady fixin' her car. Sho.

Sliding down the banister - always wanted to do this!


I love Gil Elvgren! Who's your favourite artist/illustrator?


Nicky Grace's Open House

I'm very lucky to live just down the road from Nicky Grace, who opens her house up to the public every month to sell her fabulous handmade wares. Nicky's house is no ordinary house - it is my DREAM house! Nicky is a client of Cath Kidston...need I say more!

Every room is pastel and pretty, with gorgeous furniture and decorations. During her open house days, her rooms are decked with handmade gifts and goodies up for sale, some by Nicky, and some by other local makers. I can spend hours sifting through all the handmade cards (a bargain at 10 for £1!), the knitted and crocheted items, reems of vintage fabric, cute vintage handkerchiefs, and piles of retro artwork. When I visited yesterday it seems Nicky has been busy creating mini bunting which was up for sale, and decorating all the shelf edges!

 Here is the front of the house, all decked out with bunting and cute welcome signs!

Here are some pics of the kitchen. I just love the welsh dressers and all the fairy lights. So cute! Also out of view is the aga oven (would die for an aga!). Sorry the pics are quite blurry, they were taken quickly whilst the room was free of shoppers. It gets busy in Nicky's house!

Here is an example of Nicky's mini bunting. It's very sweet and I like how it's not taking the form of the traditional triangular bunting. The shapes are irregular and it lends them a crooked charm! I'm going to have a bash at making this myself!

When I left this lovely dog came out to say farewell. This house really does have it all! Nicky, I am very jealous!


Sunday, 28 October 2012

All the Fun of the Fair Haul

I recently purchased a Groupon voucher for £10 which gave you a free £10 to spend in All the Fun of the Fair, a crafts shop just off Carnaby Street, London. I love this shop. It has loads of cute things, and is the one of the only craft shops near where I work, so I pay it a visit quite frequently when I'm in need of wool, needles, material etc! The only problem is it can be quite pricey, and when you haven't got the luxury of big hobbycraft stores and similar nearby, shops like these are unavoidable!

So I snapped up the Groupon voucher and went last week after work, ready to spend £20 on some crafty goodies! I spent about half an hour just looking around (the shop is tiny, but there's oodles of cool things crammed on every shelf and space!), and finally settled on a mixture of small items, instead of one big item.

Here is what I bought!

I'm looking forward to using my crochet hook as I'm determined to master the art of crocheting! I've tried before but to no avail, so I'm going to give it another shot! I love the navy blue polka dot material. I got a few metres of this. Not sure what to make with this yet...any ideas? I also love the cute little flower embellishments - the pastel flowers and the mini roses. These will finish off some of my projects nicely!Most of my buys were ribbon, on reels and in oddments. I got 'stitched with love' and 'baked with love' for my homemade xmas pressies. The rest will come in handy for making my drawstring bags which my etsy jewellery items are sent in to their new owners! Here's an example of one, although I make them in all sorts of materials and colours!

Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday!


Friday, 26 October 2012

Competition Giveaway for your blog!

I am giving away some button earrings and a button ring, to be featured in a giveaway on your blog! This is open to any blogger with a lot of followers. Simply leave a comment below to register your interest.

The button goodies will come in handmade sewn drawstring bags, with cute gift tags.

Here are some of my button goods. The items for the giveaway will differ to these but will be just as pretty :)  The blogger who receives the items can then post photos of them on their blog, to giveaway to their followers in whichever way they choose. I simply ask that you link to my etsy store and my blog page in your post. I can also provide photos of the items if you wish.

I hope you like my button treasures


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Wearing my wares

Today I'll be listing the gorgeous brooch below on my etsy store. Brooches are a new addition to my button jewellery box, and I think they're so cute. They are a great way to add extra buttons to your cardy, or to act as a mock button if your top/dress etc doesn't have any! This brooch is made from unique vintage buttons (3 in total!). I love the shell button centre, it's really shimmery and glints really prettily when it catches the light.

Thought I'd post a pic of my button earrings and brooch in action. These I'm wearing below are some small black and silver button earrings, and a black button brooch with an emerald button centre (but hard to see the green in the pics!). I think the button jewellery goes so nicely with chunky knits.

I often wear these black and silver button earrings to work as they're quite smart, so they can definitely be worn with all sorts of outfits. I think they are a nice little detail without being too OTT.

Would you ever wear button jewellery? Which of my button jewellery do you like best?


Monday, 22 October 2012

Button Fingers!

I have some new button rings for sale on my etsy store. They are handmade and feature unique vintage buttons on an antique bronze ring band. They are so cute and look great with chunky knit cardigans and general autumnal wear!

They are great gifts for sewing fans, or anyone who loves that crafty, handmade look. They are a bargain at only £2.00 each, and they come in a free handmade cloth drawstring bag (pics to come soon!) sewed my by trusty sewing machine! Gift tags can also be added if required.

Here are some of my beautiful button rings! I hope you love them as much as I do!


Hips Like Cinderella is now on facebook!

Please feel free to 'Like' if you like!

It's looking a bit bare at the moment, but am planning to sort that out later today!

Happy Monday


Sunday, 21 October 2012

My Treasury List made the front page of Etsy!

View an Etsy Front Page Treasury List - The Vault on Craft Cult

Woohoo, my Home Bird Treasury List featured on the front home page of etsy!

This is one of my favourite lists so am so happy! I only found out through CraftCult.com where you can enter your username to see if your lists or items have been featured in etsy emails or on the front page...this list did get a lot of views, so now I know why.


My baking cupboard

Recently my landlady renovated my little kitchen. She ripped out all the old cupboards and put in lots of nice modern ones. Before my kitchen was 'done up' I had baking stuff crammed in every space I could find! The new kitchen has loads more storage space, so I decided to dedicate one of my brand spanking new cupboards to all things cake and baking! Here's a sneak peek into my now very organised baking cupboard. This is an image heavy post!

Unfortunately I'm still spilling over on to the top of the cupboard! This is where I keep my porcelain cake stands, and my foiled cake bases. On the next level are my two tins, filled with cookie cutters and icing plunger cutters, cake wraps, little easter chicks etc!

One shelf down I have tupperware to hold my cupcake cases and sprinkles and pretty decorations! And below that are my ingredients...very crammed in! I have all my colours and flavourings on a separate ceramic tray in case they leak.

Here's one of my cake tins. I love it so much, it's a shame it's not on show! I got this from my local kitchenware shop in a sale, I think it only cost me around £5

And here's a selection of my cupcake and muffin cases - I have so many! I often order off ebay when I see cute designs, like the little mushroom ones below. My sister bought me the floral/fruit ones, and these are my favourite. Lemon poppy seed muffins look divine in these!

Here's my tin full of cookie cutters and icing cutters. I have quite a selection now, the teapot is my newest addition, but I'm still missing all my Xmas themed ones! I'll be purchasing stars and Xmas tree shapes this year. I also have cupcake shaped 'cup' measurements. I often see recipes online that are in American 'cups' so these are a lifesaver and save converting measurements.

These are some adorable cake wraps which I've yet to use. The ornate illustrated ones were a birthday gift, and the teacup ones I bought recently from TK Maxx. They wrap around your cupcake to look like a little teacup - genius!

All this photographing of my baking wares got me in the mood to bake! I love baking on a Sunday afternoon. I made vanilla cupcakes with rolled icing tops. I had some ready-to-roll icing left so thought I should make use of it! I also tried out two embossing tools I got from the Cake & Bake show. One does a swirly girly pattern, and the other does lego! I'm going to make bright coloured icing and make lego cupcakes with this for my nephew's birthday. I had so much fun making these...although half of them are gone now...whoops!

Here's the lego one, not the best icing (and not lying flat) but shows the lego pattern!

What's your favourite thing to bake? 


Saturday, 20 October 2012

New etsy treasures up for grabs!

I have some new bits and bobs up in my etsy shop this weekend, including more handmade button jewellery, and some vintage jewellery accessories.

Up this evening is this GORGEOUS beaded bag....I want to keep this so bad! It's so beautiful, and the beading is so intricate and are lovely jewel-like colours. Another cool thing about this bag is that it can be worn in 2 ways, with the beaded colourful leaves side on show, or the plain black beaded side on show. I love it so much!

Coming up tomorrow will be some more handcrafted button jewellery, this time in the form of cute little rings and brooches. They are so sweet and make lovely Xmas stocking fillers. I also sew little cloth drawstring bags for all my jewellery orders to be sent in, so they come ready for the Xmas tree!

I also made some amazing vintage jewellery finds which will be up in my shop this weekend. Here's a sneak peek of one of my items.....a beautiful gold and turquoise leaf brooch - love love love!


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Letter From Paris

The lovely 'WhiteNoiseMaker' on Etsy included one of my vintage items in her treasury list 'Letter from Paris'. I adore the collection she's put together, it is so romantic and also I like every item in it!

My vintage gold tassel necklace was included and I think it looks right at home with her chic French treasures. My tassel necklace and lots of other vintage and handmade goodies are available for sale in my shop here. The necklace is a barg at only £3!

WhiteNoiseMaker makes the most adorable hand knitted and felted slipper wear. They look so cosy and warm, and have sweet little details like pom poms, and my favourite, buttons!

One of my favourite items from Whitenoisemaker's list is the Okapi sweater, it's so unusual and reminds me of the Muji multi-capes, which can be worn in all sorts of interesting ways - a poncho, a snood, cape or shrug! I'm definitely going to get one of these for the winter, but I can't decide what colour. Perhaps this navy checked number?

My favourite way to wear this is the shrug as I really like the tied up detail at the back.

Which is your favourite?


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I think it's an umbrella day

It's so hard to get out of bed in the morning when the rain is hammering down on your window pane! Not only do you want to get up and face the fact that soon you're going to be travelling to work in it, but it's also a really soothing, cosy sound when you are snuggled up in bed!

I think today calls for umbrellas, macs and wellies. I shall be brandishing my trusty yellow mac and my red polka dot umbrella, but alas, no wellies. I think that is an item I need to purchase this winter!

Here are some lovely rainy pics, to get you in the mood!! (Please note these images are not mine).

Happy Umbrella Day!


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Halloween Treats

I've been loving all the halloween goodies around at the moment. The shops are full of spooky themed sweeties, decorations and costumes. One of my favourite patisseries -Maison Blanc, has the most amazing halloween themed treats!

I walked past the other day and saw these cute cupcakes, and an amazing pumpkin tart

I love these! I may just have to treat myself to one of these for Halloween. Maison Blanc sells so many yummy cakes and treats. I love to stop by just to look in the window, but more often than not one of their wares lures me in. I love to have a pink lemonade and a slice of 'Tentation' (aptly named Temptation in French!) and watch the world go by. I love how everything is so pretty and carefully put together. Even the bottles of fizzy drink are cute

Another fave patisserie of mine is Patissiere Valerie. They sell amazing indulgent cakes, that are fab birthday presents. Visually they are stunning, and they taste gorgeous too. I'm particularly loving this Mille-feuilles St.Honore cake. It's not intended as a 'Halloween' cake, but it would be perfect for a Halloween party or gathering. It's icing looks like a intricate cobweb. This cake is puff pastry layers filled with St.Honore cream, decorated with icing and almonds.....YUM!

What's your favourite thing about halloween?