Saturday, 29 June 2013

Interior Design & Fashion Style Inspiration ♥

I love seeing a distinctive style - whether it be someone's clothes, hair, makeup or home! I love seeing how put together some styles can be whilst looking so effortless! I've decided to get involved with the Topps Tiles interior design and fashion style project. I chose the below 'Period Style' from their website and created an outfit inspired by this interior design look. I chose Period Style as I felt it represented my personal style the most - I love soft colours, patterns and cute little details in my own home as well as in my wardrobe.

I went for quite a muted, earthy palette with some nice pops of red and gold detail. The gorgeous green dress has a charming floral pattern without being too twee, which some florals can be. I chose some amazing Swedish Hasbeen sandals to pair with the dress. I absolutely adore Swedish Hasbeens and I've been itching to get my hands on a pair for so long! I love the dusky red colour. The Period Style is all about patterns and so I picked this cute red polka dot bag which complements the colour scheme and clashes nicely with the pattern of the dress. The bee print scarf lends itself to the earthy natural feel of the outfit and is a lovely soft peach colour. I love the honeycomb pattern too. Another feature of Period Style is attention to detail, and little touches like these pretty gold leaf chandelier earrings, and the beautiful dragonfly ring. I love these little details that are not immediately obvious, but finish off the whole look.

Do you like my outfit? Which style would you choose?


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Friday, 28 June 2013

Umbrellas and Sunglasses ♥

This summer hasn't really been much of a summer. There's been a lot of rain and some sun, but the problem is you can never really know what to expect! Most days I pack my sunglasses and brolly in my bag as you never know what you're going to get. I have long since stopped watching the weather forecast - nothing is reliable these days...that is, except for the trusty brolly, and the trusty pair of sunglasses! Let's embrace the rain/sun/wind/snow?! and treat the umbrella as much of a fashion accessory as sunnies! Here are some matching pairs of umbrellas and shades!

LEOPARD - umbrella / sunglasses

PLASTIC - umbrella / sunglasses

BABY BLUE - umbrella / sunglasses

Do you have a favourite brolly or pair of sunglasses?


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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wedding Wednesday - 'Will you be my bridesmaid?' cards ♥

One of the first things you think about when newly engaged is who you are going to choose to be at your side on your special day. The groom-to-be picks his best man and ushers, and the bride-to-be picks her maid of honour and bridesmaids. I asked all of mine in person but I've seen some cards on Etsy that are really sweet and a nice way of asking your friends to be your bridesmaid. It's also a special memento that they can keep forever. Here are some of my favourites currently for sale on etsy.

How would you ask yours?


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Monday, 24 June 2013

Cowboy Chic ♥

I'm really into all things cowboy at the moment. I'm loving the tassels, the checked pattern, the leather and the general cowboy attitude! I have a really cute Cowboy sweatshirt from Cath Kidston that I love to wear at the weekend, and I love the kid's cowboy patterned pjs at Cath K - I wish they did them in my size! Here are a few cowboy (or should I say cowgirl!) items I've been admiring.

Blouse Bestern - I love this sheer red blouse with fringe tassel detail, and the collar tips finish it off nicely! This is very sheer so I think a vest top would be needed underneath!

Black Fringe Hobo Bag - More tassels! This is a great bag that would go with most outfits. Perfect way to sneak cowboy chic into the everyday! It's only £25 too, bargain.

Dusky Pink Western Shirt - I love the colour of this shirt. It makes me think of cowboys/girls and their sun bleached clothes from miles trotting along in the desert! I love the embroidered shoulders too.
Gold tone collar tips - An easy way to achieve the cowboy look on any shirt! These have a really western feel to them and are only £6! I also like the collar tips that are joined by a chain - cute!

F-Troupe Cowboy Lace Up Shoes - I've seen a lot of brogues and shoes around at the moment with really cool see-through sections made from plastic or lace etc. These F-Troupe shoes incorporate this with mesh panels which look amazing next to the blue and red cut-out leather patterns!

Are you a fan of the western 'cowboy' look?


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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Moving blog subscription from Google Reader to Bloglovin ♥

Google Reader and GFC are no longer in use from 1st July. This means any blogs you're currently following will be lost after this date! I was in a bit of a panic as I don't want to miss out on all the blogs I follow and if they all were deleted I may not be able to remember all the addresses to find them again!

There is a simple way to continue following the blogs you love, and I hope that you will want to continue following mine too! Bloglovin enables you to follow blogs and link your own blog to it too. Once you've signed up (if you haven't already), you can go to this page and transfer all of your Google Reader feeds into your bloglovin account! Easy peasy!

I was really relieved to find this nifty trick and it took no time at all. Hopefully see you all in Bloglovin on 1st July :-)

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Cat-a-Cake Creations Jewellery ♥

I really love being by the seaside and having lived by the sea in both Portsmouth and Brighton, I love anything that reminds me of that holiday, sunny feeling you get at coastal towns. I recently discovered Cat-a-Cake Creations - a jewellery and greeting card business run by Claire Montgomery. All of the pieces within Claire's range are so playful, fun and full of whimsy, they remind me of sitting on the beach or Brighton pier with a stick of rock!

Claire started creating her own illustrations and greeting cards after graduating from Uni, before branching out into jewellery design. Claire takes a lot of inspiration from Brighton and bases her collection on a retro seaside theme in order to evoke seaside memories such as ice creams, carousels and seagulls! She also takes inspiration from fairytales and has some gorgeous pieces such as teapots pouring stars and rabbits, cute deer and foxes and more. Her cat Buddy is also the muse behind one of her most popular necklaces!

Here are a few pieces from the Cat-a-Cake collection that are so cute I had to share with you all! My jewellery came beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and bows, with a sweet cat sticker, and was tied up in a sparkly gold and pink bag complete with a 'come and take a peek' badge!

My absolute favourite jewellery item is this beautiful laser cut gold shiny ice cream necklace! It is made from a gold mirror material and has mini hearts engraved as the sprinkles on the ice cream - so cute! I had so many compliments when I wore this necklace. It's so unusual and fun and it made me feel summery even though the weather was miserable. This necklace is also available in pink mirror and plywood. This necklace just feels so 'holiday'. It would also be amazing for bridesmaids to wear for a seaside wedding, especially if they were dressed in ice cream colours!

Here are some super cute teapot dangly earrings - the perfect gift for tea lovers! These are pale pink and are laser cut acrylic. I can't wait to wear these to an afternoon tea party :-) I think they look adorable displayed on my vintage tea cup too!

This necklace features a wooden circular ring doughnut! The doughnut is hand painted with a soft mint coloured icing and has engraved sprinkle details. This was so much fun to wear and got a lot of comments too! It makes me want to take a visit to Krispy Kreme! Yum.

I absolutely love these 3 pieces and there are so many more items in the Cat-a-Cake collection I'd love to own! I had to share these beautiful photos with you that Claire has recently shot. It makes me want to jump on a train to Brighton right now and ride a carousel, adorned in Cat-a-Cake jewellery of course! The hairstyles and clothes in these photos are to die for! <3

I'm in love with this gold mirror pony necklace! It's 'My Little Pony' grown up! 

Such gorgeous ice cream colours! Love how oversized the ice cream necklace is and the hand painted wood is really pretty.

Carousel chic!

Jammie Dodger necklace! Would love to see a whole range of biscuit themed necklaces, the possibilities are endless - custard cream, party rings, bourbon biscuits, pink wafers!

Cat-a-Cake Creations is definitely on my favourite Brighton designer list! You can check out more amazing jewellery creations here, and you can buy direct from here on Etsy. I've got my eye on the Cat in a Hat Mirror necklace...

What is your favourite piece?


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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Shoes ♥

I bought my dress at the weekend - scary and exciting! So now I'm moving on to hunt for shoes. I'm going to have to pick quite low heels as my fiance isn't really tall and I don't want to be towering over him on the day! There are so many 'wedding shoes' out there which are gorgeous but I do think they tend to ask for more money because they're labelled 'wedding'.

These are all from wedding ranges or wedding shoe designers. They're all gorgeous and quite different. Some of them are also very expensive. I'm going to see if I can find similar cheaper alternatives. But in the meantime, feast your eyes on the prettiness!

These shoes are £210! V.pricey but oh so pretty.  Rainbow Club is a popular wedding shoe website and a lot of their shoes can be dyed to the colour of your choice which is pretty handy! I love the flower embellishments on these heels, they are perfect for a spring/summer wedding, and perhaps a shorter dress so they can be admired all day long :-)

These show stoppers are also from Rainbow Club and £85 which is a snip compared to the Blossom Time ones! The glittery platform and heel is so glamorous and would be revealed in little twinkly flashes as the bride walks. Perfect for a hollywood glamour style wedding!

Another Rainbow Club pair, these come in at £55. I love the 1950's feel to these and the little bow is so cute on the peeptoe. You can get these dyed so the bride could have white and her bridesmaids in matching coloured ones!

Rachel Simpson is very popular for wedding shoes at the moment. Of all my newly engaged wedding magazine reading, her name was mentioned the most and her shoes the most lusted after! I have to say her shoes are just amazing, but unfortunately they're way too pricey for me! These are my absolute favourites. Mint green (I'm seeming to be drawn to this colour a lot) and with pretty white lace - they are just beautiful. These are £175 (sob).

Another Rachel Simpson pair, the Mimosa comes in at £160. These are gorgeous and would be perfect for an art deco, great gatsby affair! I love the petal design in silver. These heels also come in pale mint and peach. Stunning!

These shoes aren't 'wedding' shoes but I've seen so many brides wearing them in magazines and on blogs I thought they deserved a place on this list! I think these heels are very fun and playful, although I am a bit dubious to actually how comfy plastic shoes would be! They are the jelly shoe grown up, and cost £120.

Which shoe do you like best?


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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My Guinea Pig ♥

I've never done a post about my guinea pig before, so I thought I'd share his cuteness with you all! His name is Pig and he is about 3 years old.

He is a funny little thing and has so much personality! You can tell what kind of mood he is in by his squeaks, and when he is really excited, he popcorns! Popcorning is jumping on the spot which guinea pigs do when they are super happy! Here's an example :-D

His favourite foods are cucumber and broccoli and he likes being stroked, but his all time favourite thing is his soft and snuggly fleecy sleeping bag! He stretches out like a cat inside it and has a doze :-)

Do you have any pets?


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