Monday, 30 September 2013

Tala Bakeware wishlist ♥

As you may have guessed from some of my posts on this blog - I am a big baking fan! I love baking cakes, and anything cake themed! The full extent of my baking obsession can be seen in this post where I take you on a tour of my baking cupboard. I like to take good care of my baking bits and pieces and I'm always on the look out for new equipment!

I really love the Tala range of bakeware as it is extremely affordable whilst being stylish and very retro, and of course including the recognisable red 'Tala' logo! I have the icing bag with 8 nozzles which I have used so much and is still in great condition. I also have a Tala squeezer icing tube that has 2 sections so you can put 2 different colours in and get perfectly marbled buttercream!

Tala also have a special 1960's inspired bakeware range that's really cute and has a lovely vintage look. I have several items on my wishlist for Santa this year! These items are practical as well as being a cute addition to my baking cupboard!

First up is this gorgeous flour sifter which is in a lovely pale blue duck egg colour and chrome. You trigger the sifting action by squeezing the handle - useful and pretty! 

I also love this trio of cake tins, they're so retro and I love the colours. They fit inside one another too so really good for saving on important cupboard space! I love cake tins and they're a must for any baker to ensure your cakes stay nice and fresh!

This dry measure cup is brilliant for speeding up the weighing stage when baking, and the measurements are in metric and imperial, so if you're digging out grandma's old recipes then this will come in handy! I love the look of this and the retro typeface. It'd make a lovely Xmas gift too!

I found all of the above pieces on Handy Household and the prices on here are much cheaper than you'd find elsewhere, for example the set of tins normally costs £21 but on this site they are only £9.99! Bargains mean more pennies for buying yummy cake ingredients!

I thought I'd share some pics of cakes I've made in the past since we're talking baking! Yum Yum.

A batch of pretty pink and yellow cupcakes I made for my niece's birthday party!

A slice of victoria sponge - a cake classic!

Some embossing and butterfly shape icing practice!

Do you like to bake?


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Friday, 27 September 2013

Little Black Midi Dress ♥

There are loads of midi dresses around at the moment. The 'midi' length used to be quite old fashioned - the length that your Mum or Gran would wear! Because of this I like to wear midi's that are distinctly not mum/granny-ish! I'm thinking a bit vampy or edgy and no florals or pastels in sight!

I think black is a good colour for the midi dress if you're trying one for the first time. Just team with killer heels, leather jacket and big hair and you're good to go! And no mistaking you for an OAP! Here are a few of my favourite 'Little Black Midi Dresses'!

Do you own any midi dresses? What's your favourite way to wear them?


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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Alternative Bridal Bouquets ♥

I love flowers and will probably have a fresh flower bouquet on my wedding day, but I've also been really drawn to some of the non-flower bouquets out there made from buttons, brooches, paper and all sorts of materials. These bouquets will never wilt or die, and can be kept forever as a lovely keepsake and memento of your day. They can even be passed down to future daughters and granddaughters to be used on their wedding day. Here are some gorgeous alternative wedding bouquets that I've found and love!

Lace & Cotton Bouquet - Etsy AutumnandGraceBridal

This beautiful ivory lace and cotton bouquet is handcrafted and adorned with pretty pearls. This etsy seller will even incorporate your own vintage lace which is a lovely touch.

Yellow Pom Pom Bouquet & Boutonniere - Etsy Fairyfolk

This bouquet is made from little felted pom poms and wrapped in twine. I love the matching boutonnieres too. These would look great at a rustic, country themed wedding.

Silk Peony Flower Bouquet - Etsy braggingbags

If you like the look of flowers but want them to last forever, then silk flowers are a great option. This beautiful peony bouquet looks so lifelike. The other plus is that the flowers won't wilt on a hot day and will look good in photos all day long!

Cream & Ivory Vintage Button Bouquet - Etsy WeddingsandEventsFD

Button bouquets are big news on etsy and you'll be spoilt for choice if you type those 2 words in! I particularly like this ivory one using beautiful vintage buttons with little pearls dotted between them. If you're a crafty kind of person, why not have a go at making one yourself - check out this tutorial.

Origami Flower Bouquet - Etsy AnnKayDesign

This bouquet is so much fun! Lots of little flowers are fashioned from Kusudama Origami paper to make an amazing and intricate bridal bouquet. These can be made to order and in whatever colours you want. I love the button detail in the centre of the flowers too - cute!

Jeweled Brooch Bouquet - Etsy sunshineandvodka

For bling loving brides, brooch bouquets are a must! Made from lots of sparkly brooches, these bouquets would look lovely as a main feature against a plain dress, or to match glittering rhinestone hair accessories.

Do you like non-flower bouquets? Which of the above is your favourite?


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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Wyndham Grand Hotel Spa & Cream Tea Day ♥

I've recently had a bit of time off work and decided to treat myself to a bit of pampering. I booked a Spa Day + Cream Tea deal with for Wyndham Grand Hotel Spa. It was mega cheap and didn't include any treatments but I just fancied having some 'me' time in the peace and quiet!

The hotel is situated in Chelsea Harbour which is a really nice setting and I forgot I was still in London! The staff were really friendly and showed me to the changing rooms and asked me when I'd like my cream tea so they could get it ready for me.

The changing rooms were nice and spacious and every guest gets a luxurious robe, slippers and towels. I made good use of their amazing pool first - it's huge! And I had the whole place to myself! <3 You're not allowed to take phones through into the pool area so the below is a pic from their website. The water was nice and warm and I had a lovely relaxing swim! I then lay down on the lounger for about an hour just reading loads of magazines.

Next up is sauna and steam room - I gave the sauna a miss as I can't handle it! Both facilities were super clean and stylish and hardly anyone around! I then had a long shower and used their aromatherapy shower gels, shampoo and conditioner - they smelled divine!

After I had changed I went up and my cream tea was all ready for me. It was a little on the small side but for £25 I guess you can't grumble! Tea was served loose leaf with a cute little strainer. The scones were delicious and seemed to be freshly baked, and were served with butter, thick yummy clotted cream and strawberry jam. The view from where I was sitting wasn't great but I believe you can sit on the balcony and overlook the harbour - I couldn't as it was raining! All in all a fun day - next time I'd probably book a treatment to feel that extra bit pampered.

Have you ever been to a spa and cream tea day?


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Friday, 20 September 2013

H&M Autumn Tights Wishlist ♥

I've been admiring H&M's autumn range recently and I can't wait to start stocking up on their tights! They have some really nice designs and they're a really fun way to dress up and get more out of an outfit. I particularly like thick woolly tights for autumn and winter, but I also like the more sheer ones that have patterns. Here are some of my favourites from H&M - I particularly love the cat ones - how cute!

What kind of tights do you like best?


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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Rainy Wedding Days ♥

With all this rain lately I thought it'd be quite apt to do a post about the most feared thing of all when it comes to weddings...rain!! It's one thing I'm completely dreading, and being a particularly unlucky person I've kind of resigned myself to the fact that it will probably rain on my wedding day! I've been looking at these really cute rainy umbrella photos on pinterest and these people have really made the most of the bad weather! The brollies actually look really cute in the pics and add a nice little romantic charm to the photos, as well as pops of colour!

This is such a fun photo and I like how they've planned ahead and made sure they bought colour coordinated brollies, as it really makes a feature of the photo, instead of them all walking down a dark wet road!

Love the matching red wellies! This is such a cute pic and the red looks amazing.

Beautiful pastel vintage style bridesmaids with delicate transparent brollies! It just looks so cute!

A nice bright sunflower umbrella that ties in well with the bride's green accessories.

Doesn't look too rainy in this pic, but I like these transparent brollies that let in loads of light and won't ruin photos. I also love the pose of kissing under an umbrella - really sweet and romantic.

Here are 3 umbrellas I found that'd be perfect for emergency rain situations!

Beautiful ivory frilly umbrella parasol - looks cute up and down. 

Pink heart wedding umbrella - doubles up as a great photo prop!

Bluebird birdcage umbrella - this is so adorable and is transparent too to let in lots of light!

Have you ever been to a rainy wedding?


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Monday, 16 September 2013

Gold Glitter Manicure ♥

I've been thinking about what kind of wedding nails to have and now I know my bridesmaids are wearing gorgeous gold dresses, I thought it might be nice to wear gold on my nails. So this was just a little experiment to see if I liked it!

I painted them with a nude pinky colour called My Fair Lady by Ciate, and then I painted the tips with gold glitter Barry M nail polish. I didn't use any kind of 'stencil' to make the tips, as glitter is pretty forgiving and it doesn't matter if it's a perfect straight line! I really liked how this looked but I think I may try graduated gold glitter next as I think this would look really pretty too!

Have you ever tried a glitter tip manicure?


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Friday, 13 September 2013

Statement Necklace Wishlist ♥

I love statement necklaces as they can dress up the plainest of outfits, and they look great worn in the day for work over a simple block colour dress, and at night with a simple LBD and heels. I have a gorgeous black beaded necklace I won from Phase Eight and it looks lovely against a brightly coloured dresses or sweaters. Here are some statement necklaces I've had my eye on recently!

I love this Sarah Angold Hex Necklace from Topshop - the geometric shapes and the gold and opal coloured detail is stunning. Great for holiday outfits.

This Gold Chain Rope Spike Necklace from New Look lends itself to a grungey look!

A Mesh & Rhinestone Necklace from Matalan - this reminds me of the neverending story emblem! It's a bargain at a tenner and would look great worn with a simple black or red dress.

I'm in love with this beautiful intricate Lacey Collar Necklace from Miss Selfridge. It's so cute and I have loads of tops I'd like to collar up with something like this!

This gorgeous Luxe Triangle Collar from Topshop is really striking and I love the black plait cord. This is another good necklace for taking on holiday and wearing on the beach.

Another New Look necklace - a Gold and Blue Triangle Necklace. I love the blue and gem stone triangle shapes and they remind me of bunting :) I'd love to wear this underneath a shirt collar.

Do you have any statement necklaces?


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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Wedding Cars ♥

This week I thought I'd share some ideas for wedding transportation! The wedding car you choose is going to be photographed a lot as you arrive at wedding ceremony and venue, so it's important to choose the right one as it's going to act as an important photo prop on your day! There are some gorgeous vintage cars out there available for hire, and these are some amazing ones I found on pinterest!

I love this dusky pink vintage car (don't ask me what make it is - I won't have a clue!). This car reminds me of the Thunderbirds and I'd definitely feel like Lady Penelope riding in it!

This open top mint mini is so cute - I love the luggage rack and can just imagine speeding off to my honeymoon in it!

Go large and hire a vintage bus for you and all your guests to travel in! Saves guests having to get taxis and also looks really cool. I love how you can customise the 'destination' board at the front of the bus!

A cute bright red love bug! Complete with trailing cans. I love the bright colour of this - it would look amazing in photos too.

Not a car - but a vespa! I love the idea of whizzing off on a vespa after the wedding - very Amelie! Not sure how practical if you have a meringue princess dress though!

I went to a wedding this year where all the bridesmaids came in a Volkswagon Campervan, and it was all decked out with bunting and champagne inside! It looked great and everyone was taking photos of it!


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