L'Oréal Paris 'The Minerals' True Match Foundation Powder Review ♥

I had planned to buy some BareMinerals foundation powder when I got paid recently and I had a look around near my work for BareMinerals products but to no avail. I got impatient and instead of waiting to go to a big department store, I ended up buying some mineral foundation by L'Oréal Paris instead.

I was excited to use this as I've never tried a 'mineral powder foundation' before, and I've heard all sorts of good things about mineral make up. I got this in 'Golden Ivory' (which I think is the palest shade). The powder promises to be 95% minerals, with no perfume or preservatives,  and will reduce imperfections for flawless coverage. It also promises to protect your skin whilst letting it breathe (as it has an SPF 15).

I've used this a few times since I've bought it and I am still deciding whether I like it or not. For their claim of 'flawless coverage' I have to disagree - I'd say it is light-medium coverage depending on the state of your skin. My skin is quite uneven and this foundation does not cover all blemishes. It is really to blend however and does have a nice texture to it and makes your skin quite smooth looking.

The colour is good and the product does claim to 'match your skin colour/texture' although I can't say I've been able to tell if its changed after I've applied. I really like how light this is on the skin instead of using thick, gloopy liquid foundations that clog up your pores. This powder is oil free too which is great for my skin, and so it gives a nice matt effect.

I think the thing that is making me undecided is the packaging and the brush it comes with - I know that's a stupid thing to make you judge a make up product, but I find it irritating/difficult to use and so it puts me off using it! The brush is really scratchy and unpleasant on the skin, and the brush is also the screw top lip, so when you unscrew it, the powder is below, and gets all underneath the brush/lid so you get powder everywhere. I think I'm going to try this with one of my own softer brushes and see how it goes!

Apart from the brush/lid problems, I do think this is a good product to use when you're just looking for a quick cover up/make up look, or if you are on holiday and don't want to put on liquid foundation that will melt off your face in the heat! This cost me £14.99 which isn't too bad, but if you buy this - make sure you have an alternative brush handy!

Have you ever used mineral powder foundation?


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