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I have so many beauty products in my cupboard and I realised that I never ever do posts about them! I usually stick to posts about nails for my beauty section, but seeing as I have a whole array of products - some that I love, and some not so much, I thought I'd make good use of them and bring you my opinions on them!

First up is this Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Wash Off tan. Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a naturally tanned looking person. In fact, I resemble a milk bottle! I don't tend to use fake tan on a regular basis like some others do, but sometimes for special occasions like parties or weddings I want to have a bit of a glow and look less pale. I definitely think pale is interesting and after a long time hating how fair skinned I am, I've actually grown to like it. However, a nice golden tan does make you look that little bit healthier, so on these occasions I have used this Wash Off tan.

I hate it when fake tan starts to wear off and go streaky (which is really quickly and very noticeable on a fair skinned person!), so this wash off tan is perfect as I can look bronzed for the day/night, and wash it all off the next day. It has no self-tanning agents so you can rest assured that a simple shower will restore your natural skintone.

Apologies for the darkness of these images, I was trying to not use filters etc so that the colour is accurate as possible.

I picked the 'Matte Medium' shade and this gives me a nice golden look. It comes out of the tube a very scary dark brown colour (tip: make sure you use this away from light coloured soft furnishings/ your best clothes!) but worry not as when you blend into your skin the pigment spreads to give you a lovely golden colour.

In the above photo I've tried to apply the tan in a line on my arm so you can see the 'before' and 'after. I think it gives you a really natural nice tan colour, which is not orange or 'fake looking'. This tan can be used on your body and face so it's an all round product. I have never used it on my face so I'm not sure how it looks but if it blends as easily on the face as the rest of the body I'm sure it would be fine.

One thing I would recommend (which is probably a standard for all you tanning pro's out there!) is to use a mitt to apply the colour. I often used my hands and whilst this works fine to rub all the colour in, it does turn your hands a lovely shade of oompa loompa, which isn't easily washed off. It comes off eventually but can get all around your cuticles and look a bit ugly.

I think this is a fab product for anyone wanting a temporary golden tan, or for anyone a bit nervous of tanning. You can experiment with this, and if you don't like it you can wash it all off and not have to walk around in a 'fake tan gone wrong' for days! Also if the colour is too pale for you on first application, you can also apply again to get a deeper tanned colour.

What's your favourite fake tan product?


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  1. Great post as always :) I never use a mitt either, although my house does have a good stock of disposable gloves, so I just shrug and think "they'll do"!! I've heard Fake Bake is a great brand for fake tan, I normally use Sultan products as they've not failed me yet! xx

    1. Disposable gloves are perfect! I really like fake bake and I've had one if their spray tabs before which was really good and natural looking! Never tried sultan before. Do they do wash off tans? Xxx


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