Wedding Wednesday - Rainy Wedding Days ♥

With all this rain lately I thought it'd be quite apt to do a post about the most feared thing of all when it comes to weddings...rain!! It's one thing I'm completely dreading, and being a particularly unlucky person I've kind of resigned myself to the fact that it will probably rain on my wedding day! I've been looking at these really cute rainy umbrella photos on pinterest and these people have really made the most of the bad weather! The brollies actually look really cute in the pics and add a nice little romantic charm to the photos, as well as pops of colour!

This is such a fun photo and I like how they've planned ahead and made sure they bought colour coordinated brollies, as it really makes a feature of the photo, instead of them all walking down a dark wet road!

Love the matching red wellies! This is such a cute pic and the red looks amazing.

Beautiful pastel vintage style bridesmaids with delicate transparent brollies! It just looks so cute!

A nice bright sunflower umbrella that ties in well with the bride's green accessories.

Doesn't look too rainy in this pic, but I like these transparent brollies that let in loads of light and won't ruin photos. I also love the pose of kissing under an umbrella - really sweet and romantic.

Here are 3 umbrellas I found that'd be perfect for emergency rain situations!

Beautiful ivory frilly umbrella parasol - looks cute up and down. 

Pink heart wedding umbrella - doubles up as a great photo prop!

Bluebird birdcage umbrella - this is so adorable and is transparent too to let in lots of light!

Have you ever been to a rainy wedding?


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  1. I love the brollies, my favourite is the first cream one - classic! xxx

  2. I love this idea, instead of letting rain ruin the day, making it a part of it.


  3. Aw I love the heart shaped brollie! I worry it might rain on our day but hey looking at this photos I don't think it would be so bad :) x

  4. I love the red brolly and matching wellies! So sweet! I haven't been to a rainy wedding but a bitterly cold, windy one which made us all hide inside anyway! I think planning ahead just in case with some sweet brollies sounds great and might put your mind at ease a bit!
    K x

    1. Def. I'm going to buy some pretty ones just in case! X


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