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As you may have guessed from some of my posts on this blog - I am a big baking fan! I love baking cakes, and anything cake themed! The full extent of my baking obsession can be seen in this post where I take you on a tour of my baking cupboard. I like to take good care of my baking bits and pieces and I'm always on the look out for new equipment!

I really love the Tala range of bakeware as it is extremely affordable whilst being stylish and very retro, and of course including the recognisable red 'Tala' logo! I have the icing bag with 8 nozzles which I have used so much and is still in great condition. I also have a Tala squeezer icing tube that has 2 sections so you can put 2 different colours in and get perfectly marbled buttercream!

Tala also have a special 1960's inspired bakeware range that's really cute and has a lovely vintage look. I have several items on my wishlist for Santa this year! These items are practical as well as being a cute addition to my baking cupboard!

First up is this gorgeous flour sifter which is in a lovely pale blue duck egg colour and chrome. You trigger the sifting action by squeezing the handle - useful and pretty! 

I also love this trio of cake tins, they're so retro and I love the colours. They fit inside one another too so really good for saving on important cupboard space! I love cake tins and they're a must for any baker to ensure your cakes stay nice and fresh!

This dry measure cup is brilliant for speeding up the weighing stage when baking, and the measurements are in metric and imperial, so if you're digging out grandma's old recipes then this will come in handy! I love the look of this and the retro typeface. It'd make a lovely Xmas gift too!

I found all of the above pieces on Handy Household and the prices on here are much cheaper than you'd find elsewhere, for example the set of tins normally costs £21 but on this site they are only £9.99! Bargains mean more pennies for buying yummy cake ingredients!

I thought I'd share some pics of cakes I've made in the past since we're talking baking! Yum Yum.

A batch of pretty pink and yellow cupcakes I made for my niece's birthday party!

A slice of victoria sponge - a cake classic!

Some embossing and butterfly shape icing practice!

Do you like to bake?


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  1. Your cakes are so neat and pretty! I love the embossed one, was it difficult to do?

    1. Thanks! And no, not at all! I bought an embossing rolling pin (it's really small, like a pencil size with a pattern cut into it) and u simply roll over icing to impress the pattern! I have a swirly one and a Lego one! Xx

  2. I love the tala bits, they are lovely x

  3. This bakeware is to fun! Your cupcakes are adorable. I am sure they got devoured quickly looking so delicious.

    1. Oh yes, they were hoovered up in minutes! :) xx

  4. Mmmm...those sweet treats look very tasty :) I do like to bake and I especially like to eat what I bake :) Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment - it's always nice "meeting" new people through blogging. I hope you have a lovely day!


    1. You're welcome Stephanie! Lovely to 'meet u too' :-) xx


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