Gold Glitter Manicure ♥

I've been thinking about what kind of wedding nails to have and now I know my bridesmaids are wearing gorgeous gold dresses, I thought it might be nice to wear gold on my nails. So this was just a little experiment to see if I liked it!

I painted them with a nude pinky colour called My Fair Lady by Ciate, and then I painted the tips with gold glitter Barry M nail polish. I didn't use any kind of 'stencil' to make the tips, as glitter is pretty forgiving and it doesn't matter if it's a perfect straight line! I really liked how this looked but I think I may try graduated gold glitter next as I think this would look really pretty too!

Have you ever tried a glitter tip manicure?


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  1. Wow that looks lovely! I went for a coat of glitter for my wedding day :) It's a really nice detail.

    1. Thanks Nicola! Did you have gold glitter too? xx

  2. Looking lovely! Never tired a glitter manicure... but will be :) x

  3. yes :) especially gold tips :) very noce on the nails :) so posh!!!

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  4. Your nails are gorgeous and classic! Love your ring, how amazing you are so lucky :) xxx

  5. Congratulations on getting married! i was wondering whether you actually were getting married because you have lots of wedding posts! :) love glitter i think in general it is stunning!

  6. Love the idea of linking your nails to bridesmaid dresses. Think a glitter fade would look very pretty and romantic.

    How did you get the tips so neat though? They look amazing!xx


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