Autumn Coat & Jacket Wishlist ♥

As much as I am sad to wave farewell to Summer, I'm also really looking forward to Autumn with its not too chilly and still bright days, and pretty coloured leaves and trees. I'm also really looking forward to purchasing my autumn wardrobe! Autumn clothes are my favourite to buy and I love all the colours out at the moment for Autumn - rich burgundies, navy, black and khaki. Autumn clothing just always seems much more chic and classic than summer wear which seems to follow trends and fads much more!

I've found these gorgeous coats and jackets to put on my autumn wardrobe wishlist. I'm always getting told off by my other half for buying too many coats and jackets, but I can't help it! It's like shoes and handbags - I believe you can never have too many!

Have you bought any autumn clothing yet? 


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  1. Great post - cannot wait to get my winter coat this year, its my favourite time.

    - I nominated you as you were my first ever follower!
    Thank you :)

  2. These are all splendid :) I particularly like the last one :)


    1. Ooh me too, i love the dark blue colour :-) x

  3. i adore the first coat! i would love to piece that together with things i own!

    lindsey louise

    1. It's definitely a staple coat for your coatstand! x

  4. such a great wishlist! I have to confess I'm already daydreaming of coats too! :)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  5. I really need to get some new coats for the winter. These are really lovely choices!

  6. loving number 2! the kimono style embroidery is so feminine against the more tomboy style shape! great post! :) xx


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