Wedding Wednesday - Alternative Bridal Bouquets ♥

I love flowers and will probably have a fresh flower bouquet on my wedding day, but I've also been really drawn to some of the non-flower bouquets out there made from buttons, brooches, paper and all sorts of materials. These bouquets will never wilt or die, and can be kept forever as a lovely keepsake and memento of your day. They can even be passed down to future daughters and granddaughters to be used on their wedding day. Here are some gorgeous alternative wedding bouquets that I've found and love!

Lace & Cotton Bouquet - Etsy AutumnandGraceBridal

This beautiful ivory lace and cotton bouquet is handcrafted and adorned with pretty pearls. This etsy seller will even incorporate your own vintage lace which is a lovely touch.

Yellow Pom Pom Bouquet & Boutonniere - Etsy Fairyfolk

This bouquet is made from little felted pom poms and wrapped in twine. I love the matching boutonnieres too. These would look great at a rustic, country themed wedding.

Silk Peony Flower Bouquet - Etsy braggingbags

If you like the look of flowers but want them to last forever, then silk flowers are a great option. This beautiful peony bouquet looks so lifelike. The other plus is that the flowers won't wilt on a hot day and will look good in photos all day long!

Cream & Ivory Vintage Button Bouquet - Etsy WeddingsandEventsFD

Button bouquets are big news on etsy and you'll be spoilt for choice if you type those 2 words in! I particularly like this ivory one using beautiful vintage buttons with little pearls dotted between them. If you're a crafty kind of person, why not have a go at making one yourself - check out this tutorial.

Origami Flower Bouquet - Etsy AnnKayDesign

This bouquet is so much fun! Lots of little flowers are fashioned from Kusudama Origami paper to make an amazing and intricate bridal bouquet. These can be made to order and in whatever colours you want. I love the button detail in the centre of the flowers too - cute!

Jeweled Brooch Bouquet - Etsy sunshineandvodka

For bling loving brides, brooch bouquets are a must! Made from lots of sparkly brooches, these bouquets would look lovely as a main feature against a plain dress, or to match glittering rhinestone hair accessories.

Do you like non-flower bouquets? Which of the above is your favourite?


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  1. It's a lovely alternative but I'm with you on the fresh flowers. I love the ivory button one though :) x

  2. Had no idea these existed, what a cool blog post! great idea to pass on through family, the silk flowers look real!

    My friend had hers freeze dried and put in a box frame after her wedding so look into it if you have your heart set on fresh flowers but want to keep them after :-) xx x

  3. Love the origami bouquet- so unique and colorful! Love your blog name too, Pixies obsessed ;)

  4. These are all so lovely! The first and second are definitely my favorites!

    Ladyface Blog

    1. They're both beautiful, especially the Pom Pom one- so unique xx

  5. Oh my gosh what a great idea, I love the button one, its so gorgeous.

    Hannah X

  6. These are gorgeous I love the lace one x

  7. Wow these are amazing, such a cute and fab idea x


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