Wardrobe Clear Out - Ebay Sale! ♥

I'm trying to have a big clear out of my wardrobe recently as it's starting to overflow with clothes I don't really wear anymore, or items I've bought on a 'panic buy' and then realised later (after returns 28 days is up!) that I'm never going to wear it! By selling some of my unwanted stuff on ebay I'm hoping to raise some funds for my wedding, as well getting some much needed space in my tiny wardrobe!

I thought I'd link to my list of items for sale in case any of you fancy some cheap as chips items! Everything is starting at 99p so lots of bargains to be had!


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  1. Good luck on eBay...I've put on some of my things today. My wardrobe was bursting hehe x

    1. Thanks! You too! Need to make room for autumn purchases! X


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