Little Black Midi Dress ♥

There are loads of midi dresses around at the moment. The 'midi' length used to be quite old fashioned - the length that your Mum or Gran would wear! Because of this I like to wear midi's that are distinctly not mum/granny-ish! I'm thinking a bit vampy or edgy and no florals or pastels in sight!

I think black is a good colour for the midi dress if you're trying one for the first time. Just team with killer heels, leather jacket and big hair and you're good to go! And no mistaking you for an OAP! Here are a few of my favourite 'Little Black Midi Dresses'!

Do you own any midi dresses? What's your favourite way to wear them?


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  1. oooh I love that print one, its beautiful! I only own one midi dress but own several midi skirts, I agree they are so in fashion now, everyones wearing them!

    Hannah xoxo

    1. Thanks Hannah! The print one is one of my faves too! Can't beat a good pattern! xxx

  2. The leather one... *dies*


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