Wedding Wednesday - Shoes ♥

I bought my dress at the weekend - scary and exciting! So now I'm moving on to hunt for shoes. I'm going to have to pick quite low heels as my fiance isn't really tall and I don't want to be towering over him on the day! There are so many 'wedding shoes' out there which are gorgeous but I do think they tend to ask for more money because they're labelled 'wedding'.

These are all from wedding ranges or wedding shoe designers. They're all gorgeous and quite different. Some of them are also very expensive. I'm going to see if I can find similar cheaper alternatives. But in the meantime, feast your eyes on the prettiness!

These shoes are £210! V.pricey but oh so pretty.  Rainbow Club is a popular wedding shoe website and a lot of their shoes can be dyed to the colour of your choice which is pretty handy! I love the flower embellishments on these heels, they are perfect for a spring/summer wedding, and perhaps a shorter dress so they can be admired all day long :-)

These show stoppers are also from Rainbow Club and £85 which is a snip compared to the Blossom Time ones! The glittery platform and heel is so glamorous and would be revealed in little twinkly flashes as the bride walks. Perfect for a hollywood glamour style wedding!

Another Rainbow Club pair, these come in at £55. I love the 1950's feel to these and the little bow is so cute on the peeptoe. You can get these dyed so the bride could have white and her bridesmaids in matching coloured ones!

Rachel Simpson is very popular for wedding shoes at the moment. Of all my newly engaged wedding magazine reading, her name was mentioned the most and her shoes the most lusted after! I have to say her shoes are just amazing, but unfortunately they're way too pricey for me! These are my absolute favourites. Mint green (I'm seeming to be drawn to this colour a lot) and with pretty white lace - they are just beautiful. These are £175 (sob).

Another Rachel Simpson pair, the Mimosa comes in at £160. These are gorgeous and would be perfect for an art deco, great gatsby affair! I love the petal design in silver. These heels also come in pale mint and peach. Stunning!

These shoes aren't 'wedding' shoes but I've seen so many brides wearing them in magazines and on blogs I thought they deserved a place on this list! I think these heels are very fun and playful, although I am a bit dubious to actually how comfy plastic shoes would be! They are the jelly shoe grown up, and cost £120.

Which shoe do you like best?


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  1. luv the Helena, I go for anything Hollywood glam so I'd naturally pick those :)


  2. They're so glam! Red carpet worthy! X

  3. I love the Helena too - so elegant, and who could resist sparkles?!

    K x

  4. love all the pairs of shoes!! <3 so sparkly

    1. Thanks Tasnim! Wish I could own them all! X

  5. The Rachel Simpson ones are best! MUST HAVE!!

  6. Vivienne Westwood <3

  7. Those shoes are so cute! I love the heart ones :).



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