Wedding Wednesday - May Flowers ♥

My wedding is planned for May next year and when it came to thinking about flowers I had no clue that some are only available at certain times of the year! The flower novice me quickly took to google to see what was around on May, and luckily a lot of my faves are good for the month of May!

Here are some of my favourite May flowers from Pinterest.

Peonies- these are one of my favourite flowers.  They are really romantic and come in lots of lovely soft colours.

Gypsophilas - also known as baby's breath. This flower is usually used as a filler in bouquets but looks lovely and pretty in big voluminous bunches of its own. It's also very cheap in comparison to other flowers which is a bonus!

Delphinium - I love the colour of this flower, it would be great as the 'something blue'.

Gerbera - these flowers look like big daisies and are very playful and fun and summery.

Roses - roses are my absolute favourite. They are just so beautiful and I love all the layers of petals and the romantic symbolism they hold. The photo above is a garden rose bouquet and has a more rustic feel than your standard rose.

On my Pinterest searches I found this which is a peony and rose bouquet. I think I'm sold on this combination. It's just gorgeous.

What's your favourite flower?



  1. For some reason I like the Gypsophilas the best, which is strange was you said they're used as a filler! They're so dainty, especially displayed in something like that birdcage! Xx


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