Cowboy Chic ♥

I'm really into all things cowboy at the moment. I'm loving the tassels, the checked pattern, the leather and the general cowboy attitude! I have a really cute Cowboy sweatshirt from Cath Kidston that I love to wear at the weekend, and I love the kid's cowboy patterned pjs at Cath K - I wish they did them in my size! Here are a few cowboy (or should I say cowgirl!) items I've been admiring.

Blouse Bestern - I love this sheer red blouse with fringe tassel detail, and the collar tips finish it off nicely! This is very sheer so I think a vest top would be needed underneath!

Black Fringe Hobo Bag - More tassels! This is a great bag that would go with most outfits. Perfect way to sneak cowboy chic into the everyday! It's only £25 too, bargain.

Dusky Pink Western Shirt - I love the colour of this shirt. It makes me think of cowboys/girls and their sun bleached clothes from miles trotting along in the desert! I love the embroidered shoulders too.
Gold tone collar tips - An easy way to achieve the cowboy look on any shirt! These have a really western feel to them and are only £6! I also like the collar tips that are joined by a chain - cute!

F-Troupe Cowboy Lace Up Shoes - I've seen a lot of brogues and shoes around at the moment with really cool see-through sections made from plastic or lace etc. These F-Troupe shoes incorporate this with mesh panels which look amazing next to the blue and red cut-out leather patterns!

Are you a fan of the western 'cowboy' look?


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  1. Loving those brogues, so unusual!! xx

    1. They're amazing aren't they! I love the colours x

  2. I love those brogues and the embroidered cowboy shirt, I have a blue one from primark and i love it.


    1. Ooh I didn't know primark did one, il have to have a look for it! X


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