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The next step for me now I've booked the date, wedding venues and registrar, is to sort out my invitations. The invites are really important as you are giving your guests a glimpse into what kind of day they can expect, and they are also meant to reflect the couple too. Quite a hard task! Especially when there are so many gorgeous invites out there to choose from!

Paper Themes offered to send me some samples of their invitations to review. I could pick from any section - Traditional, Modern, Vintage, Classic, or Contemporary. I had a look at all of the different styles and decided that I liked the Vintage ones the best. I selected 8 from this section and I tried to pick a variety of styles as I'm still deciding on what kind of 'look' to go for.

All the invites arrived in a little bundle neatly tied up with stripy string, and a little Paper Themes tag, which was a nice touch!

Let's start with the one on the top of the bundle! This is a Wedding Lace invitation, and it's made to look like a luggage tag. There are 3 tags in total, so you can write the main invite on the first one, Guest Info (directions, places to stay etc) on the second tag, and then the third tag is used as the RSVP. They are all tied together with a white ribbon.

I really liked these, especially the white lace detail. They are quite big so seem a bit large to be like luggage tags. Also, the cardboard is printed to emulate 'brown card'. The material is quite smooth and coated. It would be nicer if the card material was actual rough grain brown cardboard instead of just printed to look like it! But on the whole the quality is excellent and I like the concept.

This one is a Fairytale Wedding invite. It's a very simple square piece of card with a mint floral border around the wording. I really love this invite. I think it's one of my favourites. It's quite plain compared to some of the others but I think it's more classic and timeless in its simplicity, whilst still having a 'vintage' vibe. The material used on this feels very high quality. It's nice and thick and has a mottled texture to it.

This Green Love in Silhouette invitation is so lovely. It reminds me of Rob Ryan papercuts. It's really romantic and almost like a piece of art! The invite is printed a lovely teal green colour, and you can't really see in the image but the white area is actually a pearlescent white with a nice sheen to it. You can also get this invite in black and purple. 

This is the Bouquet Wedding invitation - I really like this one too as it's quite simple but retains a vintage feel with the gorgeous pink roses at the top. I also like the combination of the green and purple text too. The card is printed with the same pearlescent white colour, which catches the light in a lovely way and makes it that extra bit special!

A Royal Wedding invitation! - This is perfect for a British themed, village fete/street party type wedding, especially if you're incorporating the Union Jack and its colours. This is also printed on a thick, good quality textured card and it feels quite 'rustic'.

Pink Pearl Wedding invitation - This is my least favourite out of all of them. I think it's the more generic wedding invite style I don't like, and I'm not a great fan of the diamante square clasp on the pink bow. It's very high in quality however, and printed and constructed well. The bow is held very securely in place so you wouldn't have to worry about it falling off. This invite opens like a greetings card which is quite nice. I do like the candy pink stripes.

Peony Wedding invitation - I absolutely love peonies and this was the main reason I selected a sample of this invite. I really want peonies in my bridal bouquet and on the tables, so this invite would be a nice nod to the flower theme of the day. This invite is an ivory background colour with light red peony illustrations. I really like how the names of the bride and groom are quite large and central to the invite design.

Pink Doily invitation - Another favourite - I love how the floral pattern looks like a pretty vintage tablecloth, with a little doily on top. I'm also thinking of incorporating doilies into my day too, so these invites would be perfect. It's printed double sided so you have the doily framing the bride and groom's names and wedding date, and on the reverse is all the info. I'm not sure why this is called 'pink' as it's actually more lilac and bluey. But really pretty nonetheless! It's printed on an uncoated textured card so feels really nice to the touch.

That's my wedding invite review. I think from looking at all these samples I've realised I want something fairly simple, with a lot of white space and a few nods to the theme of the day. The peony invite probably is the one that fits the bill the most. Although saying that I do love the more detailed ones like the doily invite above! Decisions, decisions.

Which invite is your favourite?


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  1. I like the brown lacy one best although the green silhouette one reminds me so much of Rob Ryan.


    1. I love the lace details too! And anything Rob Ryan related = <3 xx

  2. Really love the 'Fairytale Wedding Invite' - the mint green border is lovely xx

    1. Mint is a colour I keep getting drawn to! Think I'll have to incorporate it somehow! x

  3. Nice post :D


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