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The last time I wore dungarees I was about 10 years old. Recently I've noticed dungarees popping up everywhere, and it looks like they're due another fashion revival!

I'm considering buying some although I'm not sure if I'll be able to carry them off, or if I'll look/feel too much like a little kid! There are loads of different types in the shops at the moment, there's denim, floral, leather, patterned, silk, you name it, there's a dungaree for it!

I prefer the short ones, especially for summer, as I imagine the long ones are quite hot to wear when they're made from a thick denim material. The dungaree does have a downside in the fact that, like onesies, you have to pretty much get naked to go to the loo!

Topshop and River Island have a great range of dungarees at the moment. Here are some that have caught my eye.

Acid Denim Pini Dress, Topshop - This is actually a pinafore dress, and might be a good way to have the dungaree look without going for the shorts version! Also solves the loo problem! This dress would look great with a patterned t-shirt underneath.

Navy Polka Dot Dungarees, River Island - I quite like these as they're not overly 'in your face' dungarees due to them not being denim, but a navy blue polka dot fabric instead. I think these would look cute in the day with a simple white tee and sandals, and for the eve you could dress it up with heels and a sparkly jacket.

Cream Tropical Print Dungarees, River Island - These are so cute and would be great for a summer holiday! I love the floral print. I can just imagine sipping a cocktail on the beach wearing these over my bikini!

Acid Wash Embroidered Dungarees, River Island - I absolutely love the embroidery on these short dungarees. It has a beautiful bird on the front pocket and flowers on the side pockets. This could run the risk of looking too 'little kid' like so I think you'd have to style them up with killer wedges/heels and maybe something quite masculine or studded to make it look less twee. These dungarees would look really nice worn at a festival.

Khaki Washed Dungarees, Topshop - These are long dungarees and I've included them because I love the khaki colour. They're really laid back and I like how they're three quarter length, so still OK for spring/summer weather.

Do you have any dungarees? Do you think they're nice, or a bit bananarama?


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  1. Hello, My ootd post shows off my dungarees :P
    I have so many pinafore dresses, I actually like feeling like a little girl! However you can punk them up a bit with a pair of doc martens or leather jacket :D


    1. Hi Toni, I just had a look at your OOTD - i love it! Esp the shoes xxx

  2. In love with all of these!! Beautiful xxx

  3. I am too old but I did wear them when I was pregnant. ;)

    1. You're never too old for dungarees! xxx

  4. I think I might have to start wearing dungarees again as well! They look so sweet and cool at the same time.

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


  5. I love dungarees. I was a bit unsure about them but I borrowed my sister's for a month and loved them. I was really sad when I had to give them back.



    1. They're so cute! Would love to see a dungaree OOTD post! Have you got your new amazing see-through shoes yet? x


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