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I love seeing a distinctive style - whether it be someone's clothes, hair, makeup or home! I love seeing how put together some styles can be whilst looking so effortless! I've decided to get involved with the Topps Tiles interior design and fashion style project. I chose the below 'Period Style' from their website and created an outfit inspired by this interior design look. I chose Period Style as I felt it represented my personal style the most - I love soft colours, patterns and cute little details in my own home as well as in my wardrobe.

I went for quite a muted, earthy palette with some nice pops of red and gold detail. The gorgeous green dress has a charming floral pattern without being too twee, which some florals can be. I chose some amazing Swedish Hasbeen sandals to pair with the dress. I absolutely adore Swedish Hasbeens and I've been itching to get my hands on a pair for so long! I love the dusky red colour. The Period Style is all about patterns and so I picked this cute red polka dot bag which complements the colour scheme and clashes nicely with the pattern of the dress. The bee print scarf lends itself to the earthy natural feel of the outfit and is a lovely soft peach colour. I love the honeycomb pattern too. Another feature of Period Style is attention to detail, and little touches like these pretty gold leaf chandelier earrings, and the beautiful dragonfly ring. I love these little details that are not immediately obvious, but finish off the whole look.

Do you like my outfit? Which style would you choose?


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  1. Hi Hannah!! We are a spanish couple that love travelling and photography. That is why we decide to create a project in which show our two hobbies.
    Visit our website!
    Thanks! and we hope that you like it :)

    1. Thanks Sandra! Your blog photos are very sweet. Happy travelling! X

  2. This is a great the home and in your clothes selections! Love the dress and the pops of red. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Michelle! Love ur blog too, will follow bk! X


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