Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly Nails - Prickly Pear ♥

I recently wrote a post about Barry M Gelly nail polish, and how I found that it chipped really quickly, and whilst shiny, it did seem to be less durable than your regular nail polish! The lovely Imogen recommended I try a different colour as she had found the prickly pear one to last quite a while.

I was after a nail polish to wear to a wedding and I was after a nice lilac colour, so off I went and purchased the Barry M Prickly Pear shade. I found this colour was a different consistency to my pomegranate one, and seems a bit watery in comparison. I had to apply 2 coats to get a nice pigmented finish. It also seemed to dry quicker than my other colour which was good.

I noticed that the prickly pear shade is not as shiny as pomegranate, but it is much, much more durable! I applied a week ago and it is still going strong with a few minimal (teeny tiny) chips. I'm sold! I was really happy that this one did not chip straight away as it's frustrating to spend time carefully painting your nails only to find they chip as soon as you use your hands!

The colour is a nice fresh pastel lilac, and it's so summery. The colour is quite striking and unusual - I've never worn a colour like this before, as I usually stick to safe reds and pinks but I loved wearing this and I'll definitely be wearing it a lot from now on! It went really nicely with my wedding outfit, and my sparkly gold clutch!

What's your favourite colour to wear on your nails?


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  1. Ooh I've never worn that color before but now I want it!!

  2. It looks like Dior's Lilac Supervision color I so totally lust. :) I'd have to check this out! Thanks for this heads up, love!
    And thanks for commenting on my blog - ive discovered a gem of blog in yours!

  3. This colour looks beautiful on you! I have put it on my shopping list on your recommendation!


  4. Yay! It looks really lovely on you :) I think it's the watery consistency that helps it not to chip maybe? Anyway I bet it was the perfect wedding colour :) xx

  5. Really lovely shade! Quite similar to a Kiko Cosmetics lacquer I own, that brand is incredible - so inexpensive and yet high-quality - have you ever tried it? :) Lovely blog btw, very pretty format & name! ♡

    Amelia xx


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