My Guinea Pig ♥

I've never done a post about my guinea pig before, so I thought I'd share his cuteness with you all! His name is Pig and he is about 3 years old.

He is a funny little thing and has so much personality! You can tell what kind of mood he is in by his squeaks, and when he is really excited, he popcorns! Popcorning is jumping on the spot which guinea pigs do when they are super happy! Here's an example :-D

His favourite foods are cucumber and broccoli and he likes being stroked, but his all time favourite thing is his soft and snuggly fleecy sleeping bag! He stretches out like a cat inside it and has a doze :-)

Do you have any pets?


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  1. Hi,
    You've got a really cute blog! Love this post! I've got 7 guinea pigs about the same age, they are crazy little things! :)

    1. 7!!! Wow! What are their names? Would love to see pics :-) x

    2. I probably sound like a mad woman who has lots of cats lol We had an incident of an escapee male piggy which ended with a pregnancy of 4 little ones! Their names are daisy, bluebell, chilly, dandelion, burdock, rhubarb & crumble!


    3. Aww gorgeous names! :-) eek to escaped piggy but the baby pigs must have been sooo cute! xxx

  2. Oh my goodness, he's so cute! I really miss having guinea pigs, I always had a pair when I was younger. Maybe when my step-kids are a little older I'll convince the other half we need some ;D

    Jess xo

    1. Do it! They're so sociable and their squeaks are the cutest! X


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