Vivienne Westwood Shoes & Monty Python ♥

Last Friday I went to see Monty Python at the O2 with my husband. He gets free tickets through work to sit in a box, so we felt like proper VIPs! The show was brilliant and we laughed so much! The same day I had my new shoes delivered - Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon shoes!!! <3 I've wanted a pair for absolutely ages so when I saw my favourite ones on sale for £60 on Allsole I snapped them up quick! They usually cost £150 which is too much for me, even though they are my all time favourite shoe!

I decided to wear them to Monty Python as it dressed up my outfit a bit and I just couldn't not wear them! I love them so much! They smell like sweets and are surprisingly comfortable. I wore them on a baking hot tube so it was a good 'sweat test'(!) and my feet didn't sweat or rub at all. Woot. I'm planning on wearing these to a wedding later this year with a nice navy blue dress.

Do you like Vivienne Westwood shoes?



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