Jelly Shoe & Sock Combos ♥

I've been thinking about to jumping on the 'jelly shoe' bandwagon for some time now. I wasn't sure whether they would suit me or go with the kinds of clothes I wear, but I can't resist any longer! They bring back wonderful nostalgic memories of being a kid and they also look pretty cute! I think I will play it safe and go for white or black ones, and take it from there...even though I adore the pretty pastel ones!

One thing I have read a lot about on other's blogs is that the jelly shoe can be very uncomfortable and sweaty if you wear them with bare feet! So I think I will definitely combine the current sock trend with the jelly shoe! There's nothing worse than your feet sliding around all hot and sweaty, it's the perfect breeding ground for blisters and pongy smells! Yuck.

I have also read that JuJu jelly shoes are the most comfiest and are not as rigid as ones from Primark etc, and that they're much more durable, so I'll probably get some of those. However I'm still so undecided about whether to go for flats or heels?? Decisions!

I've found a few shoe & sock combos that I thought worked well together. There's so many different socks out there these days, you're literally spoilt for choice. I love the ones with frilly trims around the ankle, they're so sweet!

Do you wear jelly shoes? Shall I buy heels or flats?



  1. I love the jelly flats! They are so cute!

  2. Yay for jelly shoes! I actually find my heels more comfortable than my flats..

    Didn't know matalan did frilly socks, I'm always on the look out for more!


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