Wedding Wednesday - Cute & Simple High Street Bridal Look ♥

For today's wedding post I thought I'd showcase a bridal look created using only high street garments and accessories. There are tonnes of designer dresses and wedding bits and pieces I could display on this blog, and whilst they'd look amazing, they're not realistic or attainable for most people (me included!). So I thought I'd put together a cute and simple bridal look that doesn't cost the earth, but looks beautiful and special enough for your big day!

This entire look costs £334.99 - by no means a small amount of money, but compared to most bridal ensembles, this is pretty good value! As soon as you stick the word 'bridal' or 'wedding' on most things, you find the price quadruples!

This is a very cute fairytale look that's really simple, but so pretty and romantic. I selected a gorgeous Embrace Tulle Dress from Coast costing £295. The short length and full, soft tulle, tutu style skirt is beautiful and made for twirling around in it like a princess! The dress has a silk satin waistband to nip in the waist and has a low cut back. The dress even has a boned bodice and is fully lined so you're sure to get a good fit.

I picked a romantic peach floral crown from Crown & Glory to add even more magic to the fairytale dress. This crown is £15 and is a striking feature of the outfit and very on trend at the moment!

To finish the look I selected the ultimate 'cinderella's slipper' - some amazing sparkly nude embellished heels from New Look. They are only £24.99 and are very pretty and would catch the light beautifully!

What do you think of my high street bridal look?


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  1. That's such a sweet dress, it would be perfect for an overseas wedding. I personally want a long maxi type gownh, I have it all planned in my head ha! ;)

    Tara xo

    1. I think most girls do! :-) I'm going for a full length dress too xx

  2. really beautiful bridal look! really like this take, with the light/airy look. actually like the shorter gown, great for less formal weddings.

    1. Thanks Visa! Yes, it's perfect for a more casual wedding! xx

  3. I love it!!! I actually went shopping for my wedding dress today :)

  4. I'm not really the 'marrying' kinda gal, but these pieces would be definitely how I would go if I ever did take the plunge.

    Simple yet really pretty!

    hmm maybe...

  5. um, this is REALLY cute! is this what you're thinking for your wedding dress? p.s. i just checked out your shop... and now i have a new addition to my wish list :)

  6. That dress is so lovely! I love how you've chosen to style it as well, very simplistic but pretty :) x

    Hannah @ Cutes and Fruits


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