Bean Ice Gelateria ♥

The other day my fiance and I went out for dinner and afterwards I fancied something sweet. We were walking along when we came across Bean Ice Gelateria on Long Acre (near Covent Garden), and I was immediately drawn to the old American diner style look of the place!

Outside was neon signage advertising delicious crepes and waffles, as well as gelato, and a big hanging ice cream cone sign. Stepping inside was a bit like stepping back in time with its red and white decor, cute glass jars lining the shelves and chrome stools to sit on!

There was a whole array of goodies to choose from, and I was very tempted by a warm waffle covered in melted chocolate (yum!!!) but I decided to choose one of the yummy gelato ice creams on offer. They had lots of flavours including Peanutella (genius), Eton Mess, Mango Alphonso and more! I went for Oreo Cookie - it was delicious and had generous chunks of oreo cookie in it.

I'll defintiely be paying Bea Nice Gelateria a visit again in future. It's not far from where I work so maybe it will come in handy for a Friday lunchtime treat! Next time I'm definitely trying a waffle - they looked amazing.

Have you ever been to Bean Ice?


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  1. wow that place looks like heaven...Can't believe that's actually in London

    1. Thanks jeeda! I did feel like us stepped back in time! X

  2. that looks gorgeous! reading the flavours that they have on offer is making me water at the mouth.
    i wish i lived near there!

  3. ooh this isn't far from my work either, I must pop in! i'm a sucker for a retro vibe too ;)


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