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I've been trying to take better care of my skin in the lead up to my wedding, but it still is pretty bad and spotty. I've been to the docs and they think they're stress related which is hard to combat when you have just started a new job, and have a tonne of wedding stuff to sort and people to keep happy!

I have very oily, spot prone skin so when I read about Vichy's 'Anti imperfection' range I really wanted to give it a whirl. I bought the Vichy Normaderm Night Cream after reading lots of good reviews. I also bought some Vichy Purete Thermal Calming Micellar Cleanser which isn't in the anti-imperfection range but is good for sensitive skin.

I've been using both for over a month now and I'm definitely going to be repurchasing! The cleanser is like a toner type liquid, and removes all make up and grime from the face using a Micellar solution:

Micellar technology groups the cleansing agent in micelles. These micelles trap impurities and any excess of make-up to perfectly cleanse without rubbing or irritating. Ultra soothing Rose Phytophenol, active ingredient issued by neuro-cosmetical research acts on sensorial endings of the skin to calm pulling and itching sensations.

Fancy pants! I love this cleanser as it's so refreshing and calming on my skin, and it removes every single little trace of make up. Even though I have oily skin, sometimes washing with water and a face wash can leave my skin feeling a bit tight, but this leaves my skin feeling nice and clean and fresh. I've been using this in the morning and night and have nearly run out now! So I will definitely be buying another. There is an anti-imperfection one so I might try that next.

The night cream is also a definite repurchase - it's amazing! I've still got loads left in the tube as a little goes a long way. I've definitely noticed a difference in the texture of my skin - the pores are much, much smaller and more refined, and it has dramatically reduced the oiliness of my skin when I wake up in the morning. I am now going to try the day cream too as I am so impressed! It hasn't cleared my spots up but it has improved the overall appearance and quality of my skin in terms of evenness and pore size. The cream itself feels a little strange as its slightly gritty but it's non greasy and doesn't feel heavy. Here is the description of what this cream claims to do, and I have to say, its spot on!

VICHY NORMADERM Night contains the skin permeating technology that enters into the very heart of each and every pore and limits their hyperactivity. The Zincadone A acts to creative a completely new epidermis and re-contract the pores.
By morning the skin is more regular, pure and clarified. The skin texture is evened out. Night after night decongested pores tighten and re-contract. After 4 weeks pore dimension are transformed. They are regular and refined – almost invisible.

I will definitely be trying more products from the Vichy range!

Have you ever tried Vichy products?


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  1. I've never used it but my Mum swears by it, when she can afford it! Sorry that you're getting stressy spots, I read about face mapping and spots early this year, and although I can't find the exact thing I read a quick google brings this up: which may or may not be helpful in determining the cause! x

  2. Aww thanks Lauren! Def going to have a read of this! Thanks :-) xxx

  3. this is exactly the type of skincare i've been looking for.. i'll have to try this out. p.s. is it from europe?

  4. I need to try some Vichy products, I know there is a couple in the Boots Beauty Advert Calander so i will have to wait and see for those ;) xo

  5. I need to try these, love your blog

  6. I love my Vichy Normaderd, I use it every night, and on my husband!

    Ineffable Beauty


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