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I love a good bag and there's nothing I love more than a vintage handbag! I'm forever perusing my local charity shops and vintage stores for them. They are a little bit more special than buying a brand new bag as you start to imagine the history of the bag and what sights and scenarios it must have been in! I also find that vintage bags tend to be better made than bags today and last for a long time. There are also some really quirky one of a kind designs out there, and you're unlikely to see anyone else with the same one. Etsy is a great place to pick up anything vintage, and for bags it is a treasure trove! Here are my current favourites on etsy.

I adore this bag and the fabric is amazing! This is very 1970s and I love the little cute wooden handle.

This is a a quirky one! A 1960's bamboo handbag that's collapsible! Whilst not very practical I think this bag is so much fun and it reminds me of a pretty birdcage.

This wicker handbag is also from the 60s and has a rad sealife scene on it! The reverse is a woven basket wicker style material. 

I love this 1950s box handbag - it's so mad men! This is a real classic and lined in leather for extra vintage luxe factor!

This 1950s handbag is more subtle than some of the others I've shared and less in your face kitsch vintage! I love the black flower pattern, the curved handle and gold details.

The colours of this 1960s tote bag are amazing and very of it's era! This would be a great bag to take shopping and would instantly brighten up any outfit!

Do you own any vintage handbags?


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  1. I don't own any vintage bags but I'm definitely tempted to look into it after this post! I love the two classic black 50s bags here! Especially the box one - it's gorgeous :) I'm a sucker for a nice bag!!
    Keep in touch :)
    Andrea xxx

  2. Thanks for your comment Andrea! I love the classic ones too, so chic! Xx


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