Another Wardrobe Purge - Ebay Sale! ♥

I have finally got around to uploading my second lot of ebay sale items that I've sourced from my overflowing wardrobe! A lot of these items I've held on to for a while as I love them so much, but don't wear them very often. So I've bit the bullet and put them up for sale, so someone can wear them more often than I do!

If you fancy grabbing a bargain, all my items start at 99p and are due to end on Saturday. There are a few Topshop items that are practically brand new that may tickle your fancy! Here are a few taster pics.

Do you ever have ebay sales/clear outs?


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  1. ah, that first dress is so cute! i love the color and the collar!

    lindsey louise

    1. thanks lindsey! i love the polka dots on the collar :)


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