Halloween Treats ♥

I love Halloween and even though I don't get dressed up as a witch or ghost and go trick or treating anymore, I still like to get in the spooky spirit as this time of year! I love watching all the scary movies, eating sweets and carving pumpkins and all the halloweeny bits you can pick up in the shops. I've compiled a little wishlist of halloween treats that are perfect for the run up to all hallow's eve!

What are you doing for halloween?


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  1. Omigosh, those eyelashes are so cool! love them x

    www.justrach.com xo

  2. these are such gorgeous Halloween finds! Love those eyelashes and that cape :). I wont have too much time for Halloween this year as I'll be in class all day :O with an early class the following day...but I'll probably wear some fun, Halloween colors for the spirit!

    1. Good idea! And make sure u have some sweet treats too :-) xx

  3. This is such a fun wishlist! I love love love those tights!

    Ladyface Blog

  4. I like the cape very much :) And also the dress looks good!



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