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It was my parent's Ruby Wedding Anniversary recently and my siblings and I decided to get a special papercut made and framed for them. For the past year or so I have been getting the most incredibly intricate and beautiful papercuts made by the lovely Debbie Geddes, owner of etsy store allcutupbydg. I first asked Debbie to make a papercut for my sister's wedding and she created a bespoke piece which incorporated the words of the reading I read at the wedding. I've always admired Rob Ryan papercuts and wanted to get one for my sis, but when I checked out the prices I soon realised that idea was out the window! So I did a search on etsy and found Debbie. I've since then bought more papercuts as gifts for friend's weddings, each a unique personalised design. I just had to share the prettiness and skilfulness of Debbie's work. Every time I receive my papercut I am always amazed and delighted! It's so delicate and intricate, like lace!

Here is the papercut I had made for my parent's Ruby Wedding Anniversary present (sorry about bad pic/phone reflection!). For this papercut we decided to adapt one of Debbie's existing designs of a pendulum cuckoo clock. We added '40' in the pendulum for 40 years, put the wedding date in the cloud at the bottom, the time of the wedding on the clock, made the man and woman look my parents on their wedding day (Dad in bell bottoms and Mum with super long hair - it was the 1970s baby!) and last but not least a beautiful quote - 'There is only one thing that lasts longer than time, and that is true love'. I was absolutely thrilled with the papercut and so were my parents. My Mum has hung it in pride of place in her hallway and has been showing all the neighbours whenever they stop by to visit!

As well as creating bespoke designs, Debbie has a whole array of gorgeous existing designs, and I've shared a few of my favourites below. I can definitely recommend Debbie if you are after a papercut for yourself or for a gift. I should also mention that she cuts these all by hand, no laser cut and nasty singed edges in sight! I don't know how she does it, the level of detail is amazing!

Are you a fan of papercuts?


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  1. Wow! Debbie's work is amazing! I love the custom piece for your parents. The details are so stunning. It must take her hours and hours to complete each masterpiece.

    Kuddos to you parents being married for 40 years. Mine are on 45 years now!

    1. Thanks miss val! They are truly beautiful and so detailed, every time u look at it u spot something new!

      Congrats to ur parents too for getting to the big 4 5! Xx

    2. These are beautiful! Love that you personalised it with the bell bottoms for your Dad and long hair for your Mum, super sweet. I also love Rob Ryan but those laser cuts are so expensive...but a lot of work and detail I guess.

      Have you seen his 2014 calendar? It is going on my Christmas wishlist! xx

    3. Ooh no I haven't!will have to check it out! I love rob Ryan stuff! X


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