Easy Vintage Pin-Up Hair DIY ♥

More often than not I just wear my hair down and loose, and when I have my hair in a long bob it's hard to do much else with it. When I have longer hair I get bored of wearing it down all the time as it lacks the body and bounce of a bob, and I like to keep it off my face more.

Here is a simple DIY on how to do a pin-up inspired up-do for mid to long hair (the longer the better though). I was just messing around one day when I did this and I thought it looked quite sweet and more put together than a quick ponytail or bun. It takes hardly any time to do so it's a good style to wear day-to-day!

1. Brush hair and back comb at roots

2. Pull into high ponytail and affix with hair bobble

3. Back comb pony 'tail' slightly with a comb

4. Split ponytail into two equal pieces

5. Take top section and curl back on itself using your finger to keep the roll tight, and secure above ponytail hair bobble using hair grips

6. Repeat on bottom section but in opposite direction and use hair grips to secure the loop of hair underneath the hair bobble

7. Use a spritz of hair spray if you like, but it should stay pretty secure as it is!

Have you ever worn your hair in a pin-up inspired style? If you try the above I'd love to see it!


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  4. Wow this looks so pretty, love it! X


  5. What a lovely tutorial! I will definitely try this soon :)



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