Ombré October

One of my current obsessions is Ombré. I simply adore ombre hair, and I think it's a great look for Autumn. I have quite white blonde hair (from too much bleach and highlights!) and am a little scared to try this graduated colour. I recently had my hair cut short into a bob, and wish I'd tried ombré on my long locks before I cut them off!

The ombré craze has been primarily hair orientated, but there are so many ways to incorporate ombré patterns without having to crack out the hair dye. I particularly like ombré tights, ombré sweatshirts, ombré nails, and ombré cakes! All in warm, sunset red and pink tones.

I recently created an 'Ombré October' Treasury List on etsy. For those who are not familiar with etsy, a Treasury List is a list you can create of 16 items for sale on etsy to acknowledge and share some of the lovely items people create and sell. Often the lists are themed by colour, seasons, fashion trends, holidays etc. It's a great way to help showcase some of the beautiful items up for grabs.

Here are my top 3 favourite ombré items from my list

Gorgeous tights by BZRshop

Hair extensions by WarriorsOfCulture

Sweatshirt by MFJewels


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