I think it's an umbrella day

It's so hard to get out of bed in the morning when the rain is hammering down on your window pane! Not only do you want to get up and face the fact that soon you're going to be travelling to work in it, but it's also a really soothing, cosy sound when you are snuggled up in bed!

I think today calls for umbrellas, macs and wellies. I shall be brandishing my trusty yellow mac and my red polka dot umbrella, but alas, no wellies. I think that is an item I need to purchase this winter!

Here are some lovely rainy pics, to get you in the mood!! (Please note these images are not mine).

Happy Umbrella Day!



  1. awe this is a super cute post! i quite like rainy days myself


  2. Me too, especially when you can cosy up indoors! :) x


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