Nicky Grace's Open House

I'm very lucky to live just down the road from Nicky Grace, who opens her house up to the public every month to sell her fabulous handmade wares. Nicky's house is no ordinary house - it is my DREAM house! Nicky is a client of Cath Kidston...need I say more!

Every room is pastel and pretty, with gorgeous furniture and decorations. During her open house days, her rooms are decked with handmade gifts and goodies up for sale, some by Nicky, and some by other local makers. I can spend hours sifting through all the handmade cards (a bargain at 10 for £1!), the knitted and crocheted items, reems of vintage fabric, cute vintage handkerchiefs, and piles of retro artwork. When I visited yesterday it seems Nicky has been busy creating mini bunting which was up for sale, and decorating all the shelf edges!

 Here is the front of the house, all decked out with bunting and cute welcome signs!

Here are some pics of the kitchen. I just love the welsh dressers and all the fairy lights. So cute! Also out of view is the aga oven (would die for an aga!). Sorry the pics are quite blurry, they were taken quickly whilst the room was free of shoppers. It gets busy in Nicky's house!

Here is an example of Nicky's mini bunting. It's very sweet and I like how it's not taking the form of the traditional triangular bunting. The shapes are irregular and it lends them a crooked charm! I'm going to have a bash at making this myself!

When I left this lovely dog came out to say farewell. This house really does have it all! Nicky, I am very jealous!



  1. How precious!!! I love this place! IT's sooo amamazzzzing! And what a super cute doggy!
    xo The Beckerman Girls

    1. Thanks v much for your comment! It's so cute isn't it? I want to move in! x

  2. That looks amazing, what a beautiful kitchen. I love bunting, I really need to make some soon to put in my own house :D (My husband's gonna hate me).

    - Erin xo - One girl's attempt at creating 365 different make-up looks in as many days

    1. Thanks! I know...if it was up to me our flat would be pastel floral chintz but my bf would hate it! Or move out...haha. x

  3. This is such a nice idea, and SUCH a gorgeous house- serious house envy!xxx


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