New etsy treasures up for grabs!

I have some new bits and bobs up in my etsy shop this weekend, including more handmade button jewellery, and some vintage jewellery accessories.

Up this evening is this GORGEOUS beaded bag....I want to keep this so bad! It's so beautiful, and the beading is so intricate and are lovely jewel-like colours. Another cool thing about this bag is that it can be worn in 2 ways, with the beaded colourful leaves side on show, or the plain black beaded side on show. I love it so much!

Coming up tomorrow will be some more handcrafted button jewellery, this time in the form of cute little rings and brooches. They are so sweet and make lovely Xmas stocking fillers. I also sew little cloth drawstring bags for all my jewellery orders to be sent in, so they come ready for the Xmas tree!

I also made some amazing vintage jewellery finds which will be up in my shop this weekend. Here's a sneak peek of one of my items.....a beautiful gold and turquoise leaf brooch - love love love!



  1. The beaded bag looks amazing! ox

  2. I love your button earrings. So cute!

  3. Thanks Nadia :) I'm hoping to have some new ones out soon. Need to go on a button hunt for some more unusual ones! x


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