My baking cupboard

Recently my landlady renovated my little kitchen. She ripped out all the old cupboards and put in lots of nice modern ones. Before my kitchen was 'done up' I had baking stuff crammed in every space I could find! The new kitchen has loads more storage space, so I decided to dedicate one of my brand spanking new cupboards to all things cake and baking! Here's a sneak peek into my now very organised baking cupboard. This is an image heavy post!

Unfortunately I'm still spilling over on to the top of the cupboard! This is where I keep my porcelain cake stands, and my foiled cake bases. On the next level are my two tins, filled with cookie cutters and icing plunger cutters, cake wraps, little easter chicks etc!

One shelf down I have tupperware to hold my cupcake cases and sprinkles and pretty decorations! And below that are my ingredients...very crammed in! I have all my colours and flavourings on a separate ceramic tray in case they leak.

Here's one of my cake tins. I love it so much, it's a shame it's not on show! I got this from my local kitchenware shop in a sale, I think it only cost me around £5

And here's a selection of my cupcake and muffin cases - I have so many! I often order off ebay when I see cute designs, like the little mushroom ones below. My sister bought me the floral/fruit ones, and these are my favourite. Lemon poppy seed muffins look divine in these!

Here's my tin full of cookie cutters and icing cutters. I have quite a selection now, the teapot is my newest addition, but I'm still missing all my Xmas themed ones! I'll be purchasing stars and Xmas tree shapes this year. I also have cupcake shaped 'cup' measurements. I often see recipes online that are in American 'cups' so these are a lifesaver and save converting measurements.

These are some adorable cake wraps which I've yet to use. The ornate illustrated ones were a birthday gift, and the teacup ones I bought recently from TK Maxx. They wrap around your cupcake to look like a little teacup - genius!

All this photographing of my baking wares got me in the mood to bake! I love baking on a Sunday afternoon. I made vanilla cupcakes with rolled icing tops. I had some ready-to-roll icing left so thought I should make use of it! I also tried out two embossing tools I got from the Cake & Bake show. One does a swirly girly pattern, and the other does lego! I'm going to make bright coloured icing and make lego cupcakes with this for my nephew's birthday. I had so much fun making these...although half of them are gone now...whoops!

Here's the lego one, not the best icing (and not lying flat) but shows the lego pattern!

What's your favourite thing to bake? 



  1. Oooh, how great to have a nice new cupboard for baking supplies! Those cupcake liners are adorable, especially the mushroom ones and the wrap-around teacup ones! I'm on a bread-baking kick at the moment, but you're making me want to bake something sweet next. :) Have a wonderful day!
    xo Julie

  2. Thanks Julie! Hope your bread making goes well. I've got a huge sweet tooth so am always making sweet things! x

  3. Thank you for linking me to this post! You have some lovely baking tools, and those cupcake cases are gorgeous! I never thought to look on ebay for cases, so thanks for the tip :) xx

    1. Thanks Imogen! Yes, ebay is cupcake case heaven! Looking forward to seeing some of your baked creations, especially that xmas tree tower! x


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