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I have recently chosen my wedding perfume and I am so in love with it! I have bought the lotion, shower gel and eau de parfum set and I've had to lock it away to stop me from using it! I want to save it for the big day so that I associate that perfume with my wedding forever more, and so it feels extra special and new when I put it on. I've chosen Givency Dahlia Noir, and it has a lovely, soft almost talcum powdery fragrance.

It is described as:

A classic, unique fragrance with the femininity of a powdery rose and the sensual mystery of vanilla.

Powerful through its chypre notes, elegant thanks to its floral facet, sensual through its powdery accents.

I'm really happy with my perfume choice, and I found lots of others that were lovely too, so I thought I'd share them on here for any budding brides out there, or anyone in search of a pretty, romantic new fragrance!

Miss Dior - this perfume is fresh, floral, slightly citrusy with a musky scent, and is described as being created for an 'elegant and spirited young woman in love'. Perfect for a wedding day!

This was a perfume recommended to me when I said I was after a powdery scent. It is Chanel No 19 Poudre. This is a lovely fragrance and is powdering in a very floral, fresh way, and it's Chanel so immediately chic!

This is a more budget perfume option - Anais Anais. I really love this fragrance, but I'm aware it's not for everyone! It's very, very floral and can be construed as a bit 'granny-ish'. A feminine, floral and sensual scent, perfect for a blushing bride!

What's your favourite perfume?


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  1. My favourite perfume is my Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, it always feels like a real treat to wear something so special! I also really want to try the Miss Dior one purely because I love the bottle :) x
    Liv Loves


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