Vintage Velvet Bomb Cosmetics Gift Set ♥

I bought this bath bomb set using my £50 Amazon Giftcard from my Holiday Gems win. I'm a big, big fan of Lush products and bath bombs in particular, and I'd heard rave reviews about Bomb Cosmetics, so I thought I'd give it a go!

 This set cost me £10.50 and came with 5 products inside, which I thought was quite good value as a typical 5 product gift set from Lush would cost about £14-£15. When it arrived I was quite surprised as it came in a large box decorated in luxurious, thick floral paper and a cute velvet ribbo. It looked a lot more expensive than £10.50!

The products were wrapped well in straw/woodshavings, and as soon as I opened the box I was hit by the yummy fragances of the bath bombs!

This was my favourite bath bomb - Vintage Rosehip Bath Blaster. It just looks gorgeous and it was quite large. This bath bomb contained rosehip and pure patchouli and geranium oil, all known for skin conditioning properties. This smelled divine, and I felt silky smooth after my bath.

Velvet Underground Bath Blaster - this was another giant bath bomb, and it looks really cute too. This flower shaped bath bomb is dotted with what looks like colourful hundreds and thousands, and contains cocoa and shea butter and jasmine and lavender oil.

Rose Bath Creamer - This was a smaller bath bomb and exploded in the bath to reveal lots of beautiful little Moroccan rose petals in the water. It had a lovely floral scent.

Rosebud Buttercup - another cute dinky bath bomb in a cupcake case, and finished with a little dried rosebud. This was made with shea butter, cocoa butter and geranium and lavender oil and made my skin feel very moisturised.

Surprisingly, this was my second favourite - Bejewelled Handmade Soap. When I opened the box I was a little disappointed to see a soap and thought it would have been better if everything was a bath bomb. But this is the best smelling soap I! I can't get enough of it and have already looked into buying this separately when it runs out! This soap contains 'gold of pleasure' essential oil, and is quite fruity and floral. It smells amazing and I've used it every day since I opened it!

I would definitely purchase this set as a gift for friends or family. It's really worth it for £10 and looks so much more expensive! And the products inside are all great quality and rival any Lush bath bomb!

Have you ever tried Bomb Cosmetics?


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  1. Wow this looks amazing! I'm definitely going to check these out :) I've nominated you for the Liebster award by the way, there's a post over on my blog :)

  2. Wow, I was thinking of doing a massive haul from there soon!!!


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