Polka Dot Nails Inc Manicure ♥

For Christmas I received a lovely Nails Inc gift set called 'The London Collection'. I decided to test some of the colours out and I created a slightly dodgy nail look, that's meant to be polka dot, but looks more 'Mr Blobby'! I thought it had a certain wonky charm so I thought I'd share it anyway!

The set features the London named Nails Inc polishes, and there's 6 normal polishes, 2 metallic polishes and 2 glittery polishes.

I used the lovely taupe shade Jermyn Street as the base, and the gold metallic Westminster Abbey shade for my dodgy polka dots! This is the first time I've tried to do anything clever on my nails, and it's a bit of a fail I must admit. I just splodged on the gold with the nail polish brush! A friend since advised using a bobby pin to dunk in the polish and create perfect circles - so I'll be trying that next time!

Have you ever tried polka dot nails?


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  1. I think it looks lovely, love the colours. A bobby pins definately makes it a lot easier though. I'm planning to practise some valentines nails on the weekend �� Will share how it goes x

  2. The taupe-y shade looks lovely :) I normally use a cocktail stick with the pointy tip chopped off to create perfect polka dots, its a really easy method and you can use it to do floral patterns and other things too :) Will link the post I did on it which has pics x



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