Cupcake Cross Stitch Coaster ♥

I received a cute little cross stitch set from a friend in my Christmas card this year. It was a Mouseloft set and came with all the bits and pieces to create a very sweet little cupcake design! This was right up my street as I love anything cake related and I love having a stab at new crafty activities!

It was really easy to do and came with clear instructions, as well as the cross stitch material, threads and needle! The instructions have a key so you know which colour to stitch where.

I found a highlighter pen was really useful to mark off the stitches I had done so I didn't get lost and confused about what I had or hadn't stitched!

There was some black thread to do an outline, but I really liked how it looked at this stage and couldn't bear to stitch ugly black thread all over it! I wasn't sure what to do with it at this stage and went off in search of a mini photo frame to put it in.

I found this pink framed glass coaster in an art shop where I live which was the perfect size! So I simply slid in the cupcake and hey presto a cupcake coaster! I gave this to my Mum as she loves a good coaster and anything pretty and pink!

Have you ever tried cross stitch?


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