Wedding Wednesday - Something Blue Inspiration ♥

As the age old tradition goes - something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. I've been having lots of fun thinking about what to have for all of these and the something blue is the one you can have a lot of fun with! Here are some 'Something Blue' inspiration I've found trawling the net and pinterest (love pinterest!)

Blue soled bridal shoes a la Louboutin - love it!

Beautiful powder blue tutu <3

Pretty blue Essie manicure

Something Blue perfume! Clever way to fulfill the tradition if you don't like wearing blue!

Cute blue ring pillow

Beautiful pale blue embroidered clutch bag

Little blue bow for your hair!

The traditional lacy garter, in baby blue.

Bridal boudoir! 

Stunning birdcage veil in tiffany blue!

What would your something blue be?


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  1. Beautiful post my dear!

    My something blue was a tiny blue bow that my Mum stitched into my dress seam whilst she was amending my dress :) Loving the ruffled tutu! I felt amazing wearing mine!

    Lulu xx

  2. Thanks lulu! I love the bow idea! Especially as its sewn in by your mum, it's a lovely touch xxx

  3. Great inspiration. I had blue on the soles of my shoes and my mam also bought me a garter with a blue flower on it x

    1. Thanks Leanne! I'm loving the baby blue soles. It's so pretty and subtle :-) xxx

  4. I like the light blue theme of this post. Very nice


    New Post!

  5. My 'blue' were my nails (powder blue with some sparkles) and the soles of my shoes, which were irregular choice! There are some pictures on my blog :)
    I hope your wedding planning is coming together and you're not finding it too stressful!

    1. Just had a look - LOVE your nails! Gorgeous powder shade. Shoes are beautiful as well :-)

      Wedding planning is fun at the moment as got the main things done (venues, registrar, dress!) so just looking at all the little fun bits like decorations and flowers!

      Congrats on your little one, I hope you are all doing well! She is gorgeous xxx


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