Wedding Wednesday - Balloons ♥

I've always hated balloons at a wedding, as they can look quite tacky and 'kid's party'-like. I particularly dislike the balloon 'arches' that go over the top table, like this one here. However I've noticed more and more weddings using balloons as a main theme, and I have to say it can look amazing if done right! As well as decorating the venue they can make great photo props for bride and groom, and guests. I also like the idea of a photo of everyone in the wedding party releasing helium filled colourful balloons into the air!

Here are some balloon ideas I really love, from pinterest. They make me think of the Disney film 'Up' and the romantic and poignant story of the old man and his wife. They're also colourful and bold and really add a lot to the space. Also, any child guests at the wedding would love it - all kids adore balloons! Most of these balloon ideas use the very large round balloons instead of your standard supermarket balloon, and I think this really makes a difference as they just look more appealing and less kids party-like.

Gorgeous bride and bridesmaid shot with giant round peach balloons.

Plain white balloon backdrop for the cake table. These are your standard balloons instead of round and I still think it's really effective!

This is amazing! Just a simple standard balloon filled with helium and then secured to a plant pot with netting to recreate mini hot air balloon table centrepieces. Genius!

Big lemon and white balloons on streamers to decorate the tables. I don't know if the streamers might get a bit annoying! Looks really pretty though!

Pearlescent standard balloons affixed to the wall behind the drinks table. This looks really nice although I don't know how long it would last with all the little guests plucking them off the wall! :-)

Balloon wedding portrait - really romantic and adds a nice pop of colour!

I've been looking into where to get these big round balloons and it seems as though Bon Bon Balloons is the place to go in the UK. They are slightly pricey at £25 each (!), but if you're only after a couple for your bride and groom shots then this is not too bad I suppose! There are some nice ideas above for using standard balloons above which would be much cheaper. I think the trick with normal balloons is to get creative with how you use them and avoid the usual arch, pillar, bunch formations and to keep the colours quite soft and muted.

Here is a Bon Bon Balloon that I really love - transparent and filled with confetti on colourful streamers - so pretty!

Do you like the balloon look for weddings?


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  1. I'm the same as you, I always hated balloons at Weddings thinking they were tacky. They really are growing on me now, but like you I still hate arches! X

    1. I know, arches are so gross! Much prefer more simple balloon decor! :-) x

  2. Oooh the first image and last are my favourites! You could experiment with all sorts of balloon fillings and colour schemes! X

    Miss Imogen Smith

    1. I love that bridesmaid shot too! I know, the possibilities are endless! Still think the hot air balloon ideas my fave! X

  3. I'm the same as you and used to think it was a bit tacky but these all look amazing! I guess if it's done right then it can be really effective. Great post!

    Hannah x


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