Wedding Wednesday - Hairstyles ♥

I've been browsing Pinterest a lot lately looking for wedding hair inspiration and I've found a few I thought I'd share with you. A lot of them look so amazing but I know they wouldn't be easily recreated on my hair which is very fine and thin (sounds gross haha!). I'm not an 'extensions' person but I might consider getting some subtle ones underneath just to bulk my hair out a bit and not necessarily for length. All this pretty hair is also reminding me I need to get my highlights done asap. Too much roots on show at the moment!

This is gorgeous and very 'old hollywood'. Reminds me of Veronica Lake and co! I really like the idea of having my hair down but as mine is naturally straight I need to make sure the curls would hold all day!

Absolutely love this hair!! This is my favourite - big, wavy, thick(!!) and a little bit tousled. So pretty and romantic. The colour of the hair is beautiful too, and the little hair piece finishes it off perfectly.

This is very elegant and there is literally not a hair out of place! My hair is too thin to be put up like this, but it's definitely a work of art in hair form.

This lady looks like she has quite fine hair like me! I think the plait is cute and I like how its a little messy and not too 'perfect'. I think this is a sweet look for a low-key, more informal wedding.

Another 'messy' rustic look. I liked how they'd used the roses the most. You'd need to have quite long hair to pull this one off! 

A very pretty up-do that's quite formal but a bit loose so looks more relaxed and not too 'done'. I love the use of the flower clip.

This is very natural and I'm betting that slight wave is her natural hair. I wish my hair had a bit of wave but it's poker straight! I like how the floral crown ties in with the relaxed flowing locks!

A gigantic bun! Really cute and reminds me of ballerinas :-) I love how there is wispy curly bits around the front!

Which hairstyle is your favourite?


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  1. I adore the last bun photo. So very beautiful. :)

    1. Thanks Phuong. It's very pretty isn't it! X

  2. Ah, I wish my hair held a curl too!! Even with industrial strength hairspray it'll have fallen out within an hour or so..there are some beautiful updos here though, I really love the top bun, it's so delicate looking :)

    1. My hair is terrible for it! I have had success before by putting a curling mousse in my hair when damp then a heat protection curling spray when dry and then looooads of hairspray! Wish I was a natural curly haired gal! Xxx

  3. Amazing post.*__*
    Yes,the nail polish is very rough and gritty.
    Lovely greets

  4. Love this post! My favourite would have to be the 2nd or the 4th(:


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