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I have been travelling abroard for work recently and at the airport I spotted that Glamour magazine were giving away free Balance Me products with each copy. The magazines had one of 4 Balance Me products - Sheer Raspberry Tinted Lip Salve, Pure Skin Face Wash, Moisture Rich Face Cream and Super Toning Body Wash.

I opted for the Face Wash as I had actually forgotten to pack any, and I was also in need of a good read for the plane, so it was a perfect combo! The magazine only costs £2 and the Face Wash retails for £11.00 in the 50ml size, so it's a real bargain.

I have wanted to try Balance Me natural, aromatherapy products for a while as I have quite bad skin so I was really excited to use this face wash. The sulphate and petroleum free face wash promises to 'cleanse your face of make-up and daily grime to achieve a balanced clean complexion'. It includes grapefruit, petitgrain and frankincense essential oils, and spruce knot extract which helps smooth and improve congested/problem complexions. It also contains anti-oxidants to smooth and polish the skin.

I found this face wash really nice on my skin and it lathers up nicely. After a long journey travelling on the tube, train and airplane, I really did need to get rid of grime on my face and the face wash helped my skin feel squeaky clean. It also removed all traces of makeup easily and left my skin feeling smooth and fresh. 

My only grumble was that the scent is rather odd. It's not horrible but it's quite a strong smell and not sweet or the usual 'fresh' smell of face washes. I think this is due to the essential oils in the product which give it a sharp smell. Also the fact Balance Me use nearly 100% natural ingredients means they don't have any nasty perfumes or chemicals added that aren't good for your skin.

Overall though I am very happy and would definitely try Balance Me again! I am tempted to go and buy the other 3 products with the magazine as they are so much cheaper to buy this way (RRP prices below). But then I'd end up with 3 more copies of the magazine I've already read! I'd definitely recommend buying the mag if you want to try any of these products as the saving in price is so good!

 Pure Skin Face Wash RRP £11.00
 Moisture Rich Face Cream RRP £13.00
 Super Toning Body Wash RRP £9.00

Have you ever tried Balance Me and do you like their products?


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