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A new restaurant, Chooks opened up a while ago in the town where I live. It took me a good while to get around to checking it out, but let me tell you - it was the best thing I ever did!

The restaurant itself is decked out in a retro eclectic style with exposed brick walls, a huge neon Chooks sign, kitsch mismatched table and chairs and American diner style seating booths. It has such a fun and lively atmosphere and such lovely, welcoming staff.

If you manage to get there between 5-7pm on Mon-Fri you can start off your evening with half price beers and margaritas  - definitely a reason to leave work on time! The best thing about Chooks is that if you get your hands on one of these nifty key rings, you also get half price food on a Monday! What better way to get over that miserable Monday feeling! Even if you don't have a key ring, the prices are so reasonable it definitely won't break the bank.

Chooks is well known for its yummy chicken dishes - mostly grilled or buttermilk fried, but they also have lots of other delicious things on the menu! I'm partial to a Fat Pig shredded pork burger with beans, melted jack cheese and BBQ sauce...yum! They also have veggie options such as halloumi burgers, cous cous salads and a whole range of sides like Mac 'n' Cheese and onion rings.

My boyfriend had the delicious Buffalo Chicken Wings to start last time we went and they're served on cute chip shop style Chooks paper! My favourite starter is the Fried Mushroom & Feta Pops - to die for!

Desserts - oh my. Here's the Vanilla Cheesecake with raspberry coulis. So good...I've also sampled the chocolate brownie, and the deep fried mars bar. Mars bar is my fave, takes me back to the 1990s!

And last but not least - the drinks! The margaritas are 'frozen' (think alcoholic slush puppy!) and served in cute little jam jars, the wine comes in tumblers, and the beer has champagne in it - yep, champers. Curious Brew is their lager and it's fermented with champagne yeast. I really love this beer as its so light and refreshing, and it's much more ladylike with champagne in it ;-)

I think Chooks is my new favourite place to eat in Muswell Hill. It's cheap, cheerful, delicious, and the whole place has such a sunny, fun atmosphere, I never want to leave! If you're ever in the area you should definitely check it out. I know what I'm doing on Monday!

What's your fave place to eat locally?


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  1. Sounds lovely I love chicken wings and these look amazing!

    Carrieanne x

  2. This sounds really good, I'll deff have to check it out.



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