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I've recently bought a really comfy pair of studded loafers from Primark. They were only £10 and look a lot more expensive! I wear them dressed down with jeans or dressed up with dresses and black tights. In the below pic I wore them with a long black maxi skirt on a sunny day. I really love them and have my eye on several others in the shops at the moment!

I'm not really sure if you call this kind of shoe a loafer or a slipper. I'm more inclined to call them loafers as slippers makes me think of the bedtime kind!!

Here are some loafers/slippers in a variety of styles. These shoes are really so comfortable I think I need to get a loafer for every kind of outfit possible!

H&M Nude & sparkly slipper shoes - These are a bargain at £12! I like the combo of the nude beige colour with the twinkly stones on the toe.

River Island Grey skull stud slippers - These are really unusual and a nice twist on the usual studded loafer shoe! 

London Rebel Studded shoe - I love the piped edges, the cutaway lip and spiky bits on these. They remind me of drawing pins! 

Next Metallic loafers - A 'sporty' version of the loafer! The metallic material makes these less trainer like. Would look great with skinny jeans in the summer!

Lush Nude Crystal slipper - a cinderella slipper! Similar to the H&M ones but slightly more special and pretty. I just love all the crystal embellishments!

Do you own any loafers/slippers?



  1. Também adoro slippers. O primeiro slipper é lindo! Beijos

  2. I am loving loafer/slippers at the minute too - they just look so effortless! justrach.com xo

  3. Love the post and all the photos! You've got an amazing blog, and your style is the best :)


    -- I want to live in L. A --

    1. Thanks Claudia, that's v sweet of you! x

  4. i think black ones look great

    1. Yeah I do like black ones, great for work! x

  5. i've been on the HUNT for loafers--thank you for the helpful post! :-)



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